Graphic Design

  • The anatomy of a blog post graphic that converts

    Bad graphics and poor picture quality shows a lack of effort. It tells me you don’t think much of your audience and you have very little confidence in the content you’re sharing. If you’re running an online business, you should know by now that first impressions holds a lot of weight. In this post, I share the most important elements of a blog post image that converts.


  • How to create three different graphics with one stock photo

    I know for a new business, investing in styled stock photos can seem unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong – free stock photos are a fantastic option if you’re starting out and are not able to afford the exclusivity of premium photographs. But, if you’re tired of seeing every second business sporting the same photos as you, and would like to try your hand at styled stock photographs (on a budget, of course!) then this post is for you!