Have you been duped into buying Canva template bundles with hundreds of graphics, thinking you’ll never have to buy templates again?

When was the last time you used those templates? If you even used them at all? 🤦‍♀️

While a lot of Canva template sellers out there are creating HUGE, enticing bundles at a massively reduced rate, I’ll be right over here saying that the benefits of owning LESS templates far outweighs the advantages of having more.

Don’t believe me?

Here are 10 benefits of owning less Canva templates:

10 benefits of owning less Canva templates Pinterest graphic

10 benefits of owning less Canva templates

1. Easier to find things in your business, therefore less time consuming

Owning less templates means there are less graphics you need to sift through, making it less time consuming when you need to find things in your Canva account (because we ALL know how disorganized things can get in there.) Your time is the most valuable thing, you don’t want to be wasting it by searching for graphics! Owning fewer templates means that it becomes easier for you to find what you are looking for, making it easier for you to actually use the resource you spent money on.

2. Less overwhelm when it comes to choice

Owning less templates means less overwhelm and less stress when you are searching for the right design for your current needs. Creating content and business visuals is an overwhelming process. Templates are meant to cut down the stress, not add to it! Having more templates in your library than you know what to do with is not the best idea if you already struggle with design.

3. Less clutter in your business

Owning less templates means less clutter in your business which will help to keep things simple and streamlined. Running an online business may not have physical clutter, but I’m willing to bet that your Canva account leans more on the chaotic end of the spectrum. Having fewer templates means that you are cutting down on anything you don’t need, making it easier to navigate your Canva account and your business.

4. You’ll share more of what YOU value

Owning less templates means that you are allowing yourself to share more of what YOU value the most and therefore it helps you to make a bigger impact as you attract YOUR people to your business. You’ll no longer feel pressured to do things a certain way just because you have the templates for it. You’ll actually share things that matter to you, giving your audience the chance to get to know YOU – the person behind the business!

5. Easier to maintain brand consistency

Owning less templates makes it easier for you to maintain a cohesive look and feel, laying a strong foundation for your business brand. This consistency will contribute towards you building a brand that is familiar to your audience and therefore when they see your graphic they’ll immediately know who shared it. This is incredibly powerful in nurturing connections within your audience.

6. Save time

Besides saving time having to find graphics, owning fewer templates also helps you save time during the creation process because you already have go-to templates that you use consistently in your business. This means you’ll see an increase in your productivity and efficiency because you’ll actually be getting things done.

7. Less overthinking

Owning fewer templates means you don’t have to spend time overthinking about design because you know that your graphics are doing the job of leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Not second guessing each design choice you make in your business can help you show up more confidently for your audience so you can build authority as the expert you are!

8. Focus on quality over quantity

Owning less templates means you can focus more on quality over quantity and therefore create things that will be timeless, instead of jumping on the latest trend. You will also find yourself putting more thought into what you share with your audience leading to a better quality of content being created.

9. Builds your confidence and authority

Owning fewer templates means you’ll stop feeling the need to compare yourself to other online business owners because you will be confident in the brand you are building as you’ll find it will begin drawing in the kind of people who are aligned with your core values. As mentioned in point number 7, when you show up with confidence, you are actually building your authority in your niche so your people see you as an expert who should be trusted.

10. You’ll use what actually helps you and not get sidetracked

Owning less templates means you are eliminating things that don’t serve you in your business, making space for things that will actually benefit you. Not only will this cut out any unnecessary tasks on your to-do list, but it will also make it easier for you to avoid shiny objects or unintentional changes in the direction of your business.

When you are making investments for your business it can be so easy to fall into the trap of getting your hands on #allthethings. Be careful not to let excessive, over the top bonuses/resources keep you from your ultimate goal and reason for purchasing the resource in the first place.

Remember: A template that requires you to do more than just change out your fonts, branding and images, is NOT serving its purpose of removing the design work from your plate. Therefore, it is the wrong template for your business.

Your brand is meant to be cohesive, and the style should remain consistent across the board if you want to build trust with your audience. Choosing templates that don’t work with your brand will throw off that harmony and you’ll end up with a brand that feels all over the place. 

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