As much as I love a photograph post, there’s just no denying that video is a great way to get more eyes on your content. 

While it may be easier to hop on camera to shoot a quick Reel, the reality is that depending on the circumstances of your day-to-day life, it may not be as simple as just picking up your cell phone.

Take me for example – I’m a full time stay-at-home mum of 3 young boys. There’s hardly EVER a quiet moment in my house. And, even if there was, I can assure you that the minute my kids get a whiff of me trying to record, they are going to be all over me.

Thankfully, Canva templates can help us out here; so we can get our video content out there with minimal fuss!

In this blog post I’ll be sharing 10 super simple ideas for your next Reel. Don’t forget to read until the end for a FREE Reel template, fully customizable in Canva!

10 super simple ideas for your next Reel

1. 5 Reasons your ideal client should be working with you

Is there something very specific that you specialize in? Or perhaps you have a proven, signature process that has helped your clients achieve results? Maybe your client experience is something you’ve received amazing feedback on. Share some of the things that you do differently and why these are the very reasons your ideal clients should want to hire you instead of anyone else.

2. 5 Ways your offer can help your ideal client

Is your offer saving them time? Money? Are you helping them live a better life or build a better business? Are you helping your clients eat better? Sleep better? Why are these even important to them? List out 5 ways your offer helps your client and go even further by telling them exactly why this is something they urgently need to pay attention to.

3. 5 Steps to overcome your (ideal client’s) biggest pain points

Overcoming a roadblock doesn’t just happen. Most times, a problem gets solved by taking multiple small steps toward a solution. Pick out 5 of the biggest steps your client would need to take if they want to overcome their specific struggle in your niche.

4. 5 Things your ideal client needs to know about your niche

It can be a daunting experience getting help for the first time. Especially if it’s something completely new and unknown. Educate your audience by sharing 5 things everyone seeking help in your niche needs to know. It could be that not everyone with your title offers the same results. Or perhaps there are different platforms that your ideal client needs to know about before taking the step of hiring an expert. What are 5 things you want every new client of yours to know before you start working together?

5. 5 Disadvantages of your client DIYing your offer results

Let’s flip the script and share some of the disadvantages your ideal client will face if they decide to do it themselves. Maybe they’ll waste a lot of time and still not get the results they want. Perhaps they’ll be taking a longer approach with costly errors – something you’ve seen happens with past clients. Share some of these DIY pitfalls with your audience. 

6. 5 Mistakes people make before they hire you to fix it

When helping people with specific problems, there are always mistakes you’ll find they’ve made before hiring an expert to fix up the mess. What are some of the mistakes you’ve seen during the time you’ve worked in your niche? Educate your audience by bringing these mistakes to their attention – perhaps you’ll find they’re not aware that they were making a mistake in the first place!

7. 5 Underrated tasks in your niche that deserves more attention

As with anything in life, there are also things in every niche that often gets neglected because it may not be the most fun activity on the to-do list. However, these may just be some of the most important tasks getting overlooked. Share some of these tasks with your audience – this is a perfect opening to promote your offer, especially if these tasks are things your ideal client may not want to do themselves.

8. 5 Best practices within your niche

If you’re a web designer it could be to reduce the size of your website images. If you’re an online business manager it could be to use automations in your project management platform. In every single niche there are some things the expert will always recommend that you do. As an expert in your niche, share some of these best practices with your audience.

9. 5 Things your ideal client must do to be successful in your niche

To find success in any area of life or business, one needs to take action. What are some of the things you want your ideal client to know they absolutely need to do if they want to get the results they want? And how will your offer or niche help them get there faster? 

10. 5 tasks in your niche your ideal client must do at least once a week

Consistency is key. And I’m willing to bet that there are things you recommend every client do regularly to keep on track with their desired goals. This may be something to help them maintain the results you gave them during the time they worked with you, or to keep a finger on the pulse so they don’t slip back into the state things were in before they hired you. Remind them of the 5 tasks they should do once a week to stay in the green.

There you have it! 10 easy peasy prompts to help you create your next Reel so you can promote your business, share your offers, and be seen as the expert you are.

And, to make it even easier for you, grab this totally free Canva template to create your very own Reel!

Simply pick one of the prompts above (or repurpose something from your own content) and copy it into the template!

Can’t wait to see what you create!