Last month an announcement by Instagram put everyone in a tizz! I’m sure you’ve heard it all by now – that Instagram is “no longer just a photo sharing app” and they plan to focus more on video content. 

Now, if you’re an introvert (such as myself) then this news might not have been the best thing to hear – I get it! Video content is not exactly my strong suit either and if I can avoid talking on camera then I most certainly will.

But, just because things are moving in a different direction does not mean we get left behind, my friend! What it DOES mean, however, is that we have to dig a little deeper in our toolbox to find something that works.

Just like you, I LOVE my business. And I am willing to move with the tide if it affords me the opportunity to continue growing my business the way my heart desires.

I want the same for you!

Your business deserves a fighting chance because it is the makeup of countless hours of dedication, commitment, hard work, sacrifice and time that we’ll never get back.

Your business deserves a chance just as much as any other because it is worth all the effort and more.

This is why I wanted to share 3 sneaky ways you can receive all the benefits of sharing video content without having to actually talk (or dance) in front of the camera…

1. Use stock videos

Much like stock photos, stock videos are a great way to share content without having to spend much time in front of your computer creating and editing. 

Since video content is all the rage right now, with its popularity only moving upward in the future, you can now find many stock photo sites offering video content as well. 

My favourite stock photo site, ColorJoy Stock, is now adding stock videos to their library exclusively for quarterly and annual members! This means that you won’t need to fork out hundreds of dollars hiring a professional videographer and you can still reap all the benefits of including high quality video content to your marketing strategy.

And the best part is that you can still remain on-brand and maintain your cohesive look while attracting your dream clients into your space!

Want in one some beautiful stock videos for your business? Sign up to ColorJoy Stock using my affiliate link! Remember, ONLY quarterly and annual members get access to their video library.

2. Demonstrate or share something off-camera using voice over

Get creative! Use pen and paper to explain something in a fun, easy to remember way. Or share a screen recording of yourself explaining how your client can fix something they’re struggling with, that falls in your zone genius.

For example, if you are a content creator, you could share your process for batch planning a month worth of Instagram content for your clients. You could even give your audience some ideas for their next Instagram post or share a quick tutorial on an app you use to schedule your content.

The key thing here is to think outside of the box and share your expertise in a fun, engaging way that will show your audience how they can achieve a quick win!

You could also share some short snippets of what goes on behind the curtain, and how you are able to achieve the results you promise clients. People love seeing the real, raw bits of life and your audience will love learning about the process behind your brilliant transformations!

3. Use Canva templates to create stunning Reels

Now, if you want to create highly interactive, unique, on-brand video content that shares your expertise in a fun and engaging manner, then you may want to give Canva Reel templates a try!

Not only will you be building trust with your audience through content that shows off your expertise and skill, but you’ll also play in favour of Instagram’s mission to prioritise video content and gain those popularity points to continue being seen by your DREAM clients.

Reels are fun. Reels are popular. And using Reels is a highly effective (and impactful) marketing tool that you can absolutely jump in on, even if you have no desire to dance on camera!

This is exactly why I added this brand new Canva Reels Template set to my shop!

Inside this Canva Reels Template Pack you’ll find:

💖 4 fun, unique Instagram Reels template sets designed to create highly interactive video content (without having to dance on camera!) so you can share your knowledge with your audience while attracting more dream clients to work with you.

💖 A set of 5 Reel Cover templates so you can maintain an on-brand, cohesive look across your Instagram page when sharing your Reels. 

💖 A Training Video where I show you how to use these Reels Templates so you can get the most out of them and create stunning Reels graphics to share your content on Instagram and attract your DREAM clients! 

💖 PLUS: All Color Joy Stock images are included inside the template!

I know it’s not easy to keep up with the trends, especially when everything seems to play in favor of extroverts!

But, now you can continue sharing your value-filled content in a way the algorithm favours, while capturing the attention of your dream clients, signing on dream projects and growing your dream business on YOUR terms.

Go ahead and position yourself as the go-to-girl in your niche with these sneaky video tips, and create content that makes you feel good, because it allows for you to be 100%, unapologetically YOU!