Using graphics as part of your promo plan gives your audience a visual of the impact of your offers, the value of your work, and the results you can help them reach.

Since it is highly unlikely that the offer you’ve created is the first of its kind (which is by no means a bad thing) promo graphics designed for YOUR target audience will make your offer stand out from everyone else online. This is the fastest way to capture the attention of people who want your help – converting them into paying clients/customers. It is also a powerful way to show potential clients and customers how your offer differs from similar ones on the market. 

Of course, whenever you are launching something new to your audience, you want to prepare them for it so they know exactly how your offer can help them.

Let’s take a look at the types of graphics you should incorporate into your promo plan to make your offer more enticing…

5 graphics to add to your promo plan if you want to sell more of your offers

5 graphics to add to your promo plan if you want to sell more of your offers

📊 1. Infographics

Before launching your offer to your audience, you’ll need to spend some time educating your people on the topic so they are well prepared for what’s to come. This is where infographics work great!

Infographics are a fun, impactful way to share a main idea in one, easy to understand visual. These do really well because the illustrations help to clarify what is being said, making it easier for your audience to consume. The result of these types of graphics is that it helps the reader remember the content and will pave the way in showing them the importance of your offer.

⏲️ 2. Countdown Graphics

If you want to create a sense of urgency during a launch to encourage your dream clients and customers to take action, countdown graphics are a great way to achieve this. These graphics will help generate a buzz around your offer and get your audience excited about what’s to come. Another way you could use countdown graphics is if you’re running an introductory offer or have a limited number of spots available – these graphics will remind your audience to jump in before it’s too late, which is a good way to boost sales during your launch period.

The nice thing about including countdown graphics before your launch is that people who are interested in your offer will make a point of checking back in when your offer is live. These people are already warmed up for your offer and are most likely to make the investment to work with you.

🖥️  3. Mockups of your offer

This is a simple yet compelling way to get more eyes on your offers and draw in the kind of people who will actually spend money on it. Mockups are also really useful to give visuals of digital offers or services which can be difficult to illustrate since they are not tangible like physical products.

People like to SEE what they are spending their money on, even if this means showing the cover of your course workbook or a screenshot behind the scenes of your creation process – these visuals may seem simple, but they will go a long way in easing any doubts they may have in buying your offer.

🛒 4. Value Stack Graphics

A value stack graphic is a graphic that uses mockups to show everything included in your offer, and is a wonderful way to illustrate its worth. This works well if you want to list the value of each part of the offer and showcase the benefits. 

Using a graphic to explain everything that makes up your whole offer and what your client or customer can expect to be included will remind them of the incredible value they will be getting out of the deal. It is also a chance for you to highlight how it will help your audience reach their specific goals, making them excited about the transformation it will bring.

😍 5. Testimonial or Review Graphics

Testimonials can really help ease any doubts potential clients or customers may have so they can take the next step of working with you or jumping in on your offer. Not only will this provide you with credibility, but it will also let potential clients know who you’ve worked with in the past and the kind of projects you have experience with.

Using testimonial graphics during your promo period is a great way of showcasing projects because it doesn’t come from you, but from your clients. It also gives you the bonus of letting your audience know what an amazing experience people have had working with you.

I know exactly how overwhelming it is to run a business. There are so many different hats you are required to wear, and sometimes those hats are just not the right fit for YOU. However, now that you understand the importance of adding visuals into your promo plan if you want to make more sales, you can see why it should be a priority.

If you’d like some help getting your visuals in tip-top shape, I’d love to give you a hand. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to grab some Templates from my Canva Profile to get started…