It’s one thing to have a beautiful brand design. It’s something else entirely to actually implement it so you can reap the benefits of a recognizable brand.

I’ve seen so many online business owners launch a stunning business brand, only to have them completely lose track of it because they’re disorganized or simply have no idea how to apply the brand to their visuals.

A strategic brand and all the assets that usually come with can cost a pretty penny – for very good reason, of course!

It would be a total waste of time, resources and money if you were to lose out on the many benefits of a strong brand because you didn’t stick to it.

And that’s what it fundamentally boils down to – sticking to the boundaries of your brand!

If you want to build a business that’s memorable so you can capture the eyes (and hearts) of your audience for a sold out launch, then you need to be consistent in the way you use your brand.

Here are 5 simple ways you can intentionally implement your brand this week:

1. Replace your old email newsletter header

If you’re consistently emailing your list (as you should be!) then you most likely have an email header. Email headers are great because it’s yet another opportunity for you to build familiarity with your community. It helps you stay top-of-mind with your audience and also allows your readers to see who you are. 

We all receive hundreds of emails in our inboxes each week. At some point, everyone blurs together and we can’t really figure out whose who. Adding a header image will ensure that your reader knows that YOU are sending the email and they’ll therefore become more familiar with you and your business.

Your header is also a great way to remind your readers what they can expect from you and the emails you deliver to their inbox. So the next time they have a problem within your area of expertise that needs solving, they’ll know exactly whose email to look up!

Take Action Now:

Update your old newsletter header with your new branding and save the image to your email service provider.

2. Update your Instagram Highlight covers

A really simple way to instantly make your brand more noticeable and achieve consistency at the same time is to update your Instagram Highlight covers. 

One easy way to do this is to save your brand colours as PNG images and upload them to your camera roll. You’ll then update each highlight with a different brand colour as the cover.

Take a look at the difference this can make in the before vs after image below…

By changing the highlight covers, my Instagram profile immediately looks on-brand, professional, and easy on the eye. A simple change that can make a significant difference – something you can do yourself in under 10 minutes!

Take Action Now:

Create a new Instagram Stories document in Canva and change the backgrounds to your brand colours. Create a different page for each highlight you currently have on your profile. Download the pages and upload them as highlight covers on your Instagram profile.

3. Publish an Instagram post using a Canva template customized with your branding

Beautiful stock photos can be aesthetically pleasing for anyone scrolling through their Instagram feeds. But, nothing can bring your brand across quite like a custom, on-brand graphic!

Have a post you’ve been wanting to share today? Why not skip a stock image and instead, opt for a Canva template which you’ve customized with your business brand? And, the more you do this, the more people will begin to take note of your business – allowing you to build familiarity, trust and connection!

Go ahead and browse my template shop where you’ll find Instagram squares, stories and Reel templates that you can easily customize with your brand to create stunning, on-brand graphics for your business.

You can also find templates in my free Canva template library over here.

Take Action Now:

Create an on-brand graphic for your next Instagram post by using a Canva template. Simply update the fonts, colours and copy as needed!

4. Update your Facebook Page banner

If your business has a Facebook Page, I’m pretty sure you’ve been neglecting it as you’ve been focusing on other social media platforms.

No blaming and shaming here – you can only do so much and at some point something is bound to slip. 

Take this reminder as a sign to go and make a quick change to your Facebook Page to instantly create a more consistent space for your business. 

And again, you don’t have to start from scratch! In fact, I encourage you not to start from scratch and rather grab a Canva template which you can then customize with your own branding to create something unique for your business.

Take Action Now:

Update your Facebook Page banner by customizing a Canva template with your own business branding.

5. Create updated promo graphics for your core offer

Notice I said “Core Offers” not “All Offers”

This is because I understand how overwhelming it can be to roll out an entire rebrand and sometimes, when you’ve been at it for a while, it can begin to feel a tad monotonous. This can then lead to you no longer feeling excited about your new brand and we don’t want that!

So instead of trying to do everything at once, take it one step at a time by first focusing on your main offer, i.e. the money-making offer that gets the most sales.

Once you see the excitement of your audience, I guarantee you’ll feel much more eager to update all your other offers!

Remember to make use of Canva templates to save you time when creating graphics for your offers!

Take Action Now:

Create fresh, new promo graphics for your main offer by using Canva templates customized with your own branding.

6. BONUS:Update your Pinterest Profile cover

When someone new lands on your Pinterest profile, the first thing they’ll see is your profile cover. This is prime space for you to (very quickly) let visitors know exactly what your business is about and what they can expect from your brand. This simple fix will instantly improve the look of your page while getting visitors clicking over to your website, and eventually on to your email list.

Take Action Now:

Update your Pinterest Profile Cover by customizing a Canva template with your own business branding. Shop my Pinterest Template Set over here!

As fun and exciting as it may be to roll out a new brand, when doing it yourself it can become overwhelming. It may be months down the line that you realize you still haven’t covered all the bases! 

Making these 5 changes to your brand can make a big difference in the appearance of your business while also getting you back into the groove of making the rest of the changes needed for a more consistent brand.

If you still need some help putting together a brand for your business, or if you’d like to pull everything together into a brandboard document, then you may find the Dreamy Biz Brand Quiz helpful.

In just 2 minutes, you’ll get a fully populated brandboard template which you can customize for your business right in Canva! The results will also give you a detailed report to help you understand the chosen assets so you make good design choices for your brand in the future.