Every single day people are launching new and exciting offers online. 

Think about it… When was the last time you signed into your email or logged onto social media and didn’t see someone selling their latest offer? It has been a long, long time for me. It’s amazing that people are contributing all these incredible things to the digital space, BUT as someone on the receiving end of all these new things, it can be super overwhelming. 

So, let’s backtrack real quick: when you start an online business, the number one rule is to get clear on who you’re targeting. 

The reason for this is so that you know exactly who you are meant to serve AND what strategies you need to implement in order to speak directly to these people. 

👉When you create your promo graphics, you are going to be focusing on your target audience. 

Your graphics are going to help you stand out for your target audience so that they’ll be attracted to your offer above anyone else’s. This is why your promo graphics are so important, especially when launching something new. Because in a sea of new offers being launched every single day, you need to create graphics that will have your offer remain top of mind so you can rake in those sales!

You only have one shot to get this right because you have to condense everything about your offer into a couple of lines of text and a visual of what makes your product amazing.

Don’t stress – I’m going to show you how to get it just right so you can share your offer with confidence knowing that your graphics are doing the job of letting your audience know just how fabulous your digital product is!

Now that we’ve covered the why, let’s get started with the how…

Before I unpack all that you need to be adding to your promo graphics, let’s take a look at what a promo graphic even is!

Here’s a breakdown of the anatomy of a promo graphic and what it will include…

📰 Headline – An eye catching, 1-2 line title telling your audience exactly what you are promoting.

🖥️ Mockup – A mockup or visual that shows everything they’ll be getting.

🎬 CTA – A Call to Action to encourage the person seeing your graphic to take the step you want them to take.

🔗 WebsiteAdd your website URL so people know who is promoting the offer and where to find it.

💵 Price tagAdd the price of your offer so people know how much value they’re getting for the investment.

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be needing to create promo graphics to make your offer unforgettable…

5 things you need to add to your promo graphics that will make your offer unforgettable

1. Your brand colour palette

Your promo graphics need to be eye-catching so that potential customers will stop to learn more about your offer. The correct use of your color palette will be the start to you achieving this. 

The goal when it comes to deciding how to use your brand colors is to make sure that it highlights the important bits you want to stand out so people remember your offer after they continue their scroll. 

Things like the title of your offer, your call to action button, important dates or times, these are things that you want people’s eyes to be drawn to. Therefore, using colors that make it easy for people to spot and read is key here since they are likely going to come across your promo graphic through their daily scrolls. You want it to be easy on the eye so they stop their scroll and take a minute to continue reading what your offer is all about.

2. Scroll-stopping headline

The next thing you are going to have to work on is an enticing headline or title for your offer. Your headline needs to be clear and interesting so that it stands out and people can read it quickly when scanning through their feeds. The whole point of this is to intrigue them FAST. This means that when they spot your graphic they can see exactly what you are offering – the thing they want or need most right now.

You could also add a small bit of text below your headline if you want to add more about how your offer helps your clients or customers. This is not always needed, especially if you’re explaining all about your offer in a caption.

A rule of thumb for your headline is to keep it between 1 – 2 lines of text, 3 lines if you absolutely need to. But, the shorter the title the faster people will be able to read it which means that those who would want what you’re selling will make an effort to find out more about it.

3. A mockup of your offer

Add a mockup of everything included in your offer. This is really important because people want to see what they’ll be getting since a digital product or online service is not a tangible thing. 

Providing them with visuals of what they will be getting when they invest in your offer will show them the value of what you’re selling. When people actually see all the amazing things included in your offer it tells them that their money will be well spent, so they are more likely to buy what you’re selling.

Your visuals could include mockups of pages, or you could use device mockups with different images inside. You’ll also want to layer them so your potential customers/clients see how much they are going to be getting. Interactive visuals such as scrolling screens or mini video walkthroughs are also really great ways to take your audience behind the scenes of your product so they can see what will be included.

4. A Call to Action

Internet users need to be told what to do. Adding a call-to-action to your graphic will encourage them to take the steps you want them to take.

Telling them to visit your website, click the link in your bio, enrol before the doors closes – these may seem like obvious steps people would take if they’re interested in your offer, but you need to make it crystal clear what it is they need to do. 

In this case, the more obvious, the better! Make your call to action short, to the point and easy to spot on your graphic.

5. A fun design element

Something I love to add to promo graphics, is a fun design element for a personal touch that your audience will remember you by. Again – the internet is FLOODED with digital products and new offers are being launched every single day! You want to stand out from the crowd, and something as simple as a cute design element will help you achieve this!

Design elements could be patterns, illustrations, emojis, or stickers. Whatever you choose, just make sure that it remains on brand and does not distract the eye too much from the information you are sharing in your graphic. 

When promoting your new offer online, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, via Email, or anywhere else, using these 5 elements in your graphic is a simple, yet effective way to make your offer memorable for your audience. Use your branding to turn any template into something unique for your business so your offer stands out from all the rest. To make it even more simple for you, you can download this free training and templates pack to get started with creating stunning promo graphics for your launch!

If you’d like some help getting your visuals in tip-top shape, I’d love to give you a hand.

Otherwise, you are more than welcome to grab some Templates from my Canva Profile to get started…