Content is an incredibly powerful thing in the world of online business. Your content can show your knowledge and expertise, it is a way to build trust and form meaningful connections with your audience, and it can help attract your dream clients to your space!

So, what exactly should you be posting if you want to attract those dream clients to your business and actually begin working with them? In this post, I’m going to share 5 types of content to help you do just that:

1. Educational and Value-based Content

Much like anything else in life, with an online business you reap what you sow! What I mean by this is that in order for you to start working with your dream clients, you are going to have to show up and prove that you are the person they need to hire for the job! 

A really effective way to show your audience that you are an expert in your niche is to share valuable content that will help them overcome an obstacle, make their lives easier or help them move a step closer to their goals. 

Out of all the other content you post, be sure that you share mostly value-based content that will help your audience AND show them why they need to hire YOU to overcome the pain point they’re currently struggling with.

Some ideas for this kind of content includes:
  • Teaching your dream client a simple trick to help them reach a small goal. Think of something they’d need to do before working with you. Example, if you are a photographer, you could share a trick on how to pick the perfect outfit for a photoshoot.
  • Sharing a list of things your dream client needs to do or need to know before hiring a professional in your niche (aka YOU!). This will get them a step closer to hiring you for the task.
  • Sharing a free tool related to your service or niche. This could be an app or resource that could help them with a specific area in their business. 
  • Sharing 3 common mistakes made by people when they try to DIY your service. Highlight why it is so important to leave these tasks to you – the professional – and how it makes their business look if they do it themselves.

2. Transformation or Results

The really great thing about transformation posts is that you are selling your services without actually selling your services. 

By sharing what you are able to help potential clients achieve with your service you are painting a picture of what their lives or businesses could look like. If this transformation appeals to them, then this would be where they realize that they need to hire you to help them achieve the same results.

Whatever the result or transformation is, ensure that you paint a vivid picture to describe the leap from what things were like before you stepped in, and how amazing it turned out after you did your thang!

Some ideas for this kind of content includes:
    • Listing 3 results you can help your dream client achieve and what bigger problems it can help them overcome in their lives or businesses.
    • Sharing the before and after of working with you – list out all the pain points or problems a client had before working with you vs everything you helped them achieve after the project was completed.
    • Sharing a case study of someone who made use of your services vs someone who decided to do it themselves to save on costs.
    • Sharing 5 things your dream client can expect after working with you and 5 things that will continue happening if they don’t get that specific task done.

Don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action that either guides them to look at your services, or to make a booking with you.

3. Connection Building Content

A big part in attracting your dream clients to your space (and eventually to begin working with you) is to build and nurture connections with these people. The way to do this is to share more about yourself, your beliefs, what you stand for and anything else that will contribute to your effort in solidifying these bonds.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT that you know who your dream client is and what is important to them!

For example: if your dream client is a health and wellness coach, then you need to share more personal stories on why health and wellness is important to you. This will allow them to get to know you better and relate to you on a more personal note, which would result in them being comfortable to eventually start working with you. 

Or, if your dream client is an overwhelmed mother, you would share your own stories about motherhood and the challenges you face on a daily basis while running your business.

The main point here is to build and nurture connections with your potential dream client, as this will make it much more likely for them to hire you instead of someone else.

Remember, working in the digital space means that the one-on-one, face-to-face interaction we’d otherwise have with clients is not there. Which is precisely why we need to find ways to overcome this in order to form trust and fill the void – replacing the cold, impersonal encounters with warm, meaningful interactions that leaves a lasting impact.

Some ideas for this kind of content includes:
  • Talking about your ‘why’ or share the reason you started your business or why you work in your specific niche. 
  • Sharing an inspirational quote that will uplift your audience and motivate them to reach their goal of the week.
  • Sharing 5 things you crossed off your bucket list, along with 5 activities you would still love to complete.
  • Talking about a cause you support and the reason you feel so strongly about the work they do.

4. Portfolio or Showcasing Past Projects

Before you begin the quest of attracting dream clients to work with you, it is important to know what your DREAM PROJECT is.

Understanding what kind of work you enjoy doing (aka the kind of work that brings out the very best of your talents!) means that you can share these types of projects with your audience and attract people (aka dream clients!) who needs help in this area, to your business.

Going back to the health & wellness coach example I shared before – if you enjoy working on projects for health & wellness coaches, then you should start sharing work you’ve done in the past that was specifically for this niche. Not only will this provide clarity on the type of projects you take on, for anyone interested in working with you, but it will also give you the opportunity to really focus your skillset on these particular people. 

You’ll be stepping into your zone of genius and you’ll be showing up as the expert for these potential clients in your audience. So, if there’s a health & wellness coach in your audience, they will see that you have experience working with clients in their niche and can therefore trust you with their project – you will become top of mind!

Some ideas for this kind of content includes:

  • Shining the spotlight on a past client and showcasing what you were able to do for them during your time working together.
  • Sharing behind the scenes of a dream project you’re working on and talk about something special you do for each of your clients.
  • Sharing visuals of the before and after transformation of a dream project you worked on.
  • Sharing some samples of your work that didn’t “make the cut” in past projects, and what your client decided on in the end.

Quick Tip: If you haven’t worked on your dream project yet but know exactly what it entails, you can create a mock project for a pretend client and share behind the scenes, pain points and solutions as content for your business. This way, you are actually proving potential clients that you are more than capable of handling their project even if you don’t have the experience of a real project.

5. Client Testimonials

Nothing says you’re awesome quite like a glowing client testimonial! 

People looking to hire professionals will always do their homework and find out as much about the person of interest as possible. This is why you should make an effort to collect testimonials from your clients and share them as proof that you are as good as you say you are!

Again, if you want to attract dream clients, you should work towards getting yourself to a point where you can share multiple testimonials from different dream clients you’ve worked with in the last. This will help you to attract similar projects with similar people or niches!

Some ideas for this kind of content includes:
  • A short video testimonial where your client share’s their experience of working with you, the results you gave them and the difference that transformation made in their lives.
  • If your client isn’t comfortable sharing a review on video, you can always request a written one. A great way to ensure they are giving you the kind of testimonial you need is to send them a survey with a few short questions they’ll need to answer about working with you. 
  • Social proof in the form of screenshots of review pages, comments, email or DM exchanges are also fantastic pieces of content to share.
  • If you’re looking for a fresh way to share a client testimonial, you could always take out snippets from a review or keywords that were used to describe the project experience and add to this with stronger content aimed at your dream client. 

When running an online, service-based business, word of mouth holds a lot of weight. So it is never a bad thing to get as many client testimonials as you can! Not only will this provide you with credibility, but it will also let potential clients know who you’ve worked with in the past and the kind of projects you have experience with.

Sometimes new clients who are still on the fence about hiring you may just reach out to your past clients to find out what it was like to work with you and if they’ll recommend your services. Testimonials you share will then act as “references” and are a powerful way to get new people to trust you as a service provider long before they even reach out to you directly.

Now, if you want a fun, eye-catching way to share your glowing client testimonials on your Instagram profile, I’ve got a little something that will do the trick!

The content you share online, when done so with intention and strategy, can be one of the BEST ways to attract dream clients to your business. I know how overwhelming it can be because the internet is a sea of information. But the beautiful part is that there is more than enough room for everyone – and no one else out there is YOU!

Share your content in a way that you are comfortable with and in a way that makes you feel GOOD – trust me when I say, your dream clients will notice.

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