Raise your hand if you ever went weeks without checking in with your email list…

Hey, I’m guilty of this too! During the busy seasons of business it can be difficult to keep up with everything and sometimes your email list bears the brunt of it. And, no matter how hard you try to make time to type out a newsletter, you are just too drained to come up with anything worth sending.

So your email community inevitably hears the sound of crickets coming from your side of the interweb, you feel guilty for neglecting them, and when you eventually get around to sending out an email again they’ve kinda forgotten who you are – eek!

While it’s ok to slip from time to time, I do want to stress the importance of checking in with your email community. Because, these people are your VIPs! They’ve taken the time to sign up to your list and gave you space in their inboxes.

Has it been a while since you last sent out an email to your list? Or, are you looking for ways to pamper your VIPs with something awesome? We’ve got you covered with 5 ways you can show your email list some love…

5 ways to show your email list some love

1| Bust a myth in your niche

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is simply taking some stress off their shoulders. And, busting a myth that causes a lot of anxiety and stress in your community, is a great way to do this.

In this day and age we are easily influenced by current trends and we feel pressured to follow what we see on social media. Most of the time participating in these trends stresses us out, but we think we’ll miss out on something big if we don’t comply. 

Busting a common misconception within your niche can be a fantastic way to give your audience some relief from that pressure they put on themselves to conform to what they hear everyone else says they should be doing. 

For example, if you see most people in your niche saying that you NEED to be posting on Instagram every single day if you want to achieve XYZ, but you (an Instagram expert) don’t believe this is 100% true; share this with your audience!

Your community will breathe a huge sigh of relief and they’ll be so grateful for the weight you’ve removed from their shoulders. What a beautiful way to spread some love!

2| Put together a list of helpful free resources

Aaah, who doesn’t love a good freebie? 

Show up for your email community by sharing a list of free resources in your niche that would be helpful for them. Explain what the resources are and why you think they’ll find it useful, so that your audience knows exactly what to expect. 

A free resource could be:

  • A free platform or app you love using
  • A free trial to a platform or app your love using
  • A blog post or video with valuable information in your field of expertise 
  • A training or workshop that would help them with a struggle they’re facing
  • A lead magnet or free download that you think is helpful

These resources don’t necessarily have to be your own, they could be from another business in your niche or even a brand you are an affiliate for. The main thing is that your audience will appreciate the time you put in to gather these resources for them and they’ll know that you’re taking good care of them.

3| Create a free training

People on the internet are always looking to learn new things. Most especially when this knowledge will help them overcome an obstacle in their path.

As an expert in your niche, you have valuable insight and information that you can share with your audience and package it as a free training to show your people some love.

Whether you opt for an hour-long workshop or a 15 minute live session, you can put on your superhero cape and come to the rescue with a training that will blow your community’s mind!

A great thing about creating a free training is that you can repurpose it as an evergreen free offer to grow your email list, or you could even set it up as a paid offer if you’d like.

However you wish to follow through on this, just make sure you are 100% comfortable with it – don’t feel pressured into creating something if it does not feel good to you. 

4| Share a niche specific hack

It’s VERY seldom that I’ll pass up on a life changing hack. Who doesn’t want to make things easier for themselves?!

Whether it’s a hack to save time, money or energy, I am all for it – and your audience will be too.

With your experience, chances are that you’ll have a couple hacks up your sleeve that you can share with your email community, and they’ll absolutely adore you for it!

You’ll want to be sure that this hack is really specific to your niche, AND that it does not compete with your services, but rather gives you a chance to show off your knowledge and skill so you can be seen as the expert you are.

If you’re struggling to think of something, a great place to start looking for ideas would be past clients. Take a look at struggles they had and ways you easily solved these problems for them. Without giving too much away, you can share this hack in an email and know that your audience is getting the love they need from you!

5| Create an epic freebie

Sharing a gift never fails to make someone’s day, and a lead magnet is no different. Not only will a lead magnet give you the opportunity to show up as an expert in your field of expertise, but it is also a great way to provide value to your audience.

A helpful free offer can really show your email community that you are willing to go the extra mile for them, that you genuinely want to help them overcome their struggles, and that you are someone they can trust to get them where they want to be – sounds like true love to me!

I wrote a post over here where I share 3 lead magnet ideas for service based businesses that I think you would find helpful if you’d like to create an epic freebie for your email list. In this post I also share 3 things you need to do to create that PERFECT freebie that checks all the boxes for your community.

If you want to create a freebie that will nurture your email community instead of building a list filled with people who are only there for the free goods, then I highly recommend you read this blog post over here where I share 3 common lead magnet mistakes for online service based businesses. This blog post will take you through some of the freebie pitfalls I’ve seen many online service providers get trapped in, so that you can avoid them in your own business.

I understand how overwhelming it can be to consistently send out emails to your list, especially during the busy seasons when client work takes first priority. But, when you take the time to nurture your email list, show them love and appreciation, and show up for them as a trusted expert and friend; you are building strong connections with people who will want to hire you for your services.

If you truly want to be that person for your email community, and if you are ready to put in the effort for the VIPs who signed up to hear more from you, then you’ll need to come up with a plan to be more consistent with your email strategy.

I know this is easier said than done, which is exactly why I created this epic freebie for you…

My Dream Client Attraction Email Planner was made to help you prepare 2 months of email newsletters to nurture your subscribers into becoming your dream clients!

Grab your copy below and rest peacefully knowing that your main peeps (your email community) are well taken care of while you focus on creating amazing things for your soul mate clients.