As sucky as it may seem at times, we have to admit that we live in a world OBSESSED with appearance. 

This is especially true when it comes to the Internet.

Having a strong brand that effectively communicates your business message will only work if your visuals are representing the message correctly.


Much like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, your brand is only effective if your vision, visuals, and voice work together to create a solid brand experience.

If your graphics are not designed to reflect the voice and vision of your business, your branding will fail to speak to the audience you want to attract and serve with your offers.

This is why it is so crucial to pay special attention to your graphics – it can either elevate or end your brand.

Now, with that being said, let’s take a look at the things you can outsource to a graphic designer…

6 things you can outsource to a graphic designer 

1. Social Media Graphics

If you want to stand out on social media, you are going to need your graphics to be eye-catching enough for your audience to stop their scroll so they can learn more about your offer. 

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest all rely heavily on graphics to get your content seen, instead of getting lost in the sea of other people’s posts.

Outsourcing your social media graphics to a professional graphic designer will help you optimize the use of these platforms and get you closer to your goals of increasing your reach and engagement with your audience – both of which are powerful ways to be seen as an expert in your niche.

2. Digital Product, Course, and Membership Graphics

Setting up a passive income stream with a digital product, course, or membership is all the rage these days. And, with good reason. Who wouldn’t want to make money in their sleep??? 

But, before you enjoy those payment notifications, you need to actually create your offer. These could be PDF worksheets, ebooks, slides decks, video covers, or any other digital asset you’ll need for your product; most of which would require a graphic designer to create.

The biggest benefit of hiring a graphic designer to help create your online passive product is that you get time back to spend on more pressing things needed for your offer before the big launch. 

Outsourcing the design work in this instance will give your offer a more professional look, which would make you feel all the more confident about your awesome new product. 

3. Online events such as summits, webinars, or workshops

When you want to grow your audience, or get in front of new people, online events such as summits and webinars are a great way to achieve this.

However, hosting these types of events includes a lot of work. For everything to run smoothly, you’ll need to stay organized and stick to deadlines. 

This is where outsourcing your graphics can really benefit you. To save you the time of having to create graphics yourself (and the stress of them looking more pro, less amateur) you can work with a graphic designer to create:

  • Social media graphics to promote the event
  • Guest speaker graphics
  • Affiliate graphics
  • Presentation slide deck
  • Workbooks

Professional, well designed graphics will not only make you feel good as the host, but it will make your audience excited about your events. Your graphics will also play a key role in attracting new people to your space.

4. Blog, YouTube, or Podcast

When you are running a business online your content is one of your most powerful assets. But, keeping up with writing new content, recording, editing, publishing, and  promoting can feel like a full time job on its own.

Outsourcing your graphics can be really helpful in this case because it will free up your time to write your content and engage with your audience. 

Whether it’s blog graphics, Pinterest graphics, podcast art and promo graphics, or YouTube Thumbnails – these are all things that can be taken over by a graphic designer to give you your time back. 

To save you even more time, you could have a graphic designer batch your graphics so that you have all the visuals you need for your upcoming content. Or, you could have a graphic designer create a custom Canva template for you that you or your team can repurpose as needed.

5. Affiliate marketing graphics

An affiliate program can be a fantastic way to help you make more sales and get your products in front of new people. However, if you want things to run smoothly and make  your affiliates excited about sharing your offers, there is a lot of work required from your end – having beautiful graphics ready to be shared, being one of the key components.

If design is not your strong suit or you don’t have the time to create your own graphics, outsourcing this task to a graphic designer can be incredibly helpful.

Working with a graphic designer will ensure that your visuals look professional and that your affiliates will feel happy promoting your offers on their blogs, social media platforms and in the emails.

6. Digital business collateral and brand assets

Another task you may want to outsource to a graphic designer instead of trying to do it yourself is the designing of your business collateral and brand assets. These could include your welcome packets, service & pricing guides, lead magnets or any other PDF documents that require a designer’s touch.

It is important that these look polished and professional since they’ll typically be given to your clients and customers. You want all your brand assets to put your business in the best light – hiring a graphic designer to create something unique for your company is a great way to get your offers to stand out.

No matter what aspect of your business it may be – having beautiful graphics can go a really long way in showing your clients and customers that you are a professional to be trusted. Much like the effect of beautiful packaging in the case of physical products, well designed visuals can leave a lasting impact that will make your audience love what you’re selling.

Do not underestimate the power of stunning graphics!

Need help creating visuals that are aligned with your business brand? 🤩 Let’s work together to give your tired looking graphics a refresh so you can show up for your audience with confidence and clarity.