hello and welcome!

I'm Nihaad, a Graphics & Brand Designer for creative entrepreneurs

I help creative fempreneurs attract their very own tribe online with polished, on-brand graphics that truly sets them apart from the rest – giving them the confidence to stand in front of their dream clients.

The digital market is bursting with incredibly talented individuals all striving to leave their mark on the world. You need to stand out from the crowd! This is where I can help…

You know just how important visuals are when trying to reach your target audience. A picture speaks a thousand words, after all.

To run a successful business you need to connect with people who are aligned with your brand. You want to grab their attention before they read a word about you. The way to do this is with polished, on-brand graphics that instantly brings your message across.

A little bit about me...

Winding Road

I am a Civil Engineering graduate from Cape Town who worked two years in industry before finally admitting that I’m just not interested in the corporate world.

Family First

Being pregnant with my firstborn motivated me to build a life where I can savor the precious moments that passes by way too quickly. My family is what drives me.

Risk Taker

I believe in taking risks when it comes to your happiness and the life that you want. Nothing frustrates me more than being unfulfilled, and nothing scares me more than regret.

Passion, Purpose

For a long time, I felt lost about what I wanted to do and what my purpose was in this world. Now that I’ve found it, I’m determined to never lose sight of what’s important.

My business beliefs

I’m all about working smarter, not harder, so we can fill our days doing more of what we love. There’s no reason you should settle for anything that does not make you happy, and I want your business to give you the freedom to live a life of your own design. This is why, here at Our Polished Pages, we believe in:

There's no need to spread yourself thin trying to do all the things in your business. Let's make design work one less thing you have to worry about.

What do you need help with?

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Semi-Custom Graphics

Elevate your business with semi-custom graphics, designed to turn your audience into paying clients/customers!

Easy to Edit Templates

Browse our range of Canva templates to help you create a branded look across your business  profiles.

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