Do you have an amazing idea you want to launch, with absolutely no one to start selling to?

Let’s put together a fun, creative content plan to get your community so excited that they’d actually want to buy your offer.

Now, I’ve been there – excitedly hitting the launch button on the offer I’ve been working on for weeks only to be left with the sound of crickets. It sucks!

The Serve to Sell Content Workshop is a step by step, no fluff training to help you plan out a low-pressure content strategy to nurture, educate and prepare your audience for the incredible offer you have in the making.

💨💨💨 Say goodbye to that sinking feeling of defeat that comes with a zero sale launch.

👋👋👋 And say hello to an audience sitting on the edge of their seats, credit card in hand, ready to snag your offer the first chance they get!

It may sound too good to be true, but you can unlock this too!


The Serve to Sell Content Workshop

My super low-pressure content plan that nurtures your audience so you can sell without feeling like a sleazy salesperson – eww!

What we'll be covering:

Here’s a look at everything inside:

The Serve to Sell Content Creation Training

a $97 value

This training shows you how to create content that nurtures your audience so that by the time your offer goes on pre-sale, they are excited to buy it. (This means you’ll be getting paid BEFORE actually creating your offer)

content calendar template

A content calendar template

a $37 value

Use the template right in Google Sheets so you can keep track of when your content should be posted.

prompt bank and canva templates

Content prompt bank + matching graphics

a $84 value

100+ content prompts categorised for each of the 5 weeks, to get your creative juices flowing when it feels like that blinking cursor is taunting you. PLUS, matching Canva templates so you don’t have to spend endless amount of time looking for graphics or stock images when sharing your content.

The Serve to Sell Content Workshop

My super low-pressure content plan that nurtures your audience so you can sell without feeling like a sleazy salesperson – eww!

about the designer

Hey, I'm Nihaad!

A graphics and Canva templates designer on a mission to set you apart from everyone else out there. As a full time stay-at-home-mum of 3 little boys, I know how hard it can be to show up online as the polished, put-together business woman you think your audience expects to see. This is why I am such a firm believer in strong biz branding – YOU get to decide how you wanna show up and make an impact…

Building a brand is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. And setting up a passive income with digital products is right up there. Which is why I’m so pumped to help you run your very first pre-sale, so you can stop sleeping on your brilliant ideas and finally share them with the world!

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Yes, you get lifetime access to the course material

If you purchase and don’t find it helpful, simply email me within 7 days to get your money back!

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Finally! A non-sleazy way to sell your new offer in the making!

Follow this content strategy to nurture your audience in the time leading up to your pre-sale, and make sure your next offer is one your audience LOVES.