Imagine starting 2020 with a beautifully branded business that gives you the confidence to stand in front of your dream clients…

Whether you’re in business for 10 minutes or 10 years, you know the importance of a cohesive brand that sets you apart from everyone else in your niche.

However, creating your own brand from scratch is super overwhelming. And, as much as you dream of hiring a designer, perhaps it’s just not possible for you to do so right now.

You are tired of putting your dreams on hold and fed up with pressing the breaks for launching your business – you know something needs to be done, you just need a little help to get started.

Take the Brand My Biz Challenge and in just 5 days you’ll have a scroll-stopping, cohesive brand for your online business that will have you attracting your dream clients in no time!

Join the challenge and you’ll receive…

Hi, I’m Nihaad

I help creative fempreneurs attract their very own tribe online with polished, on-brand graphics and branding that truly sets them apart from the rest – giving them the confidence to stand in front of their dream clients.

Establishing a cohesive, polished brand for my business right from the very beginning has allowed me to attract clients I’ve admired for YEARS (aka my dream clients) and has given me the confidence to take my place as a professional in an industry brimming with incredibly talented individuals.

I firmly believe in the power of quality design work. 

I also know all about the many challenges new business owners face, especially when trying to navigate the journey all on their own. This is why I created a challenge to help you overcome the branding hurdle in your path so you can set your best foot forward and start living a life of your own design by doing what you LOVE!

Challenge runs Monday, 13th – Friday 17th January.

“Working with Nihaad was such an incredible decision for me and my business! I am always so impressed by how well she captures the vision for my brand in what she designs. She consistently produces excellent quality work that fits in seamlessly with my brand.

On top of her incredible design talent, she is efficient, kind and an overall joy to work with! I never have to worry about whether or not she will meet deadlines or deliver high-quality work — her designs are always fabulous and arrive right on time. I absolutely will be working with her again in the future!”

Nicholette von Reiche | Canva Designer and Mentor

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