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deep, organized, and professional

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Based on your answers, the brand style that suits your business best is a deep, organized, professional vibe. Let me break it down for you…

Your Dream Client

From what we’ve gathered, your dream client is…

Someone who is well organized, professional and a deep thinker who never leaves a stone unturned. They are always up for a challenge and will go all in to ensure that a task is completed in the best way possible. Just because they work hard does not mean they don’t enjoy a good time – in fact this person is always up for a good laugh, and their positive mood never fails to uplift the spirits of those around them.

Colour Palette

The person described above would typically be drawn to different shades of the same deep colour which would represent their organized, professional character in the workplace. 

The colour palette I put together which consists of lighter and darker shades of a deep purple gives off the perfect vibe for this person. The monochromatic-like colour combination works together really well to create a brand that is as organized as it is strong.

Font Combinations

I combined two sans-serif fonts – one which is a more narrow, bold font type and the other which is a more classic font type – for this look, to once again show off the organized, professional traits of this strong brand. 

You’ll notice that I did not include a script font, this is because we want to keep things on the tidy side, and a script font may compete with the structured, orderly look we are going for here.


The photos I suggest you stick to using for this brand should be light with elements that suggest a neat, well put together environment. The images should be taken in organized, professional looking spaces that make the viewer feel the strong presence of the brand. If your images are sporting a pop of the base hue, in this case the deep purple or rich brown colour, that would be excellent choices to add to your visuals too.

⚠️It’s important that you avoid images with lots of bright colours and that have a lot of clutter in them as this goes against the overall vibe we are trying to create with this brand.

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