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fun, quirky, and unexpected

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You just took the very first step in creating a STUNNING brand that will completely transform your business. Because, once you have a strong brand in place, you will begin onboarding DREAM clients in no time, filling your schedule with projects that make your heart skip a beat.

Based on your answers, the brand style that suits your business best is a fun, quirky, unexpected vibe. Let me break it down for you…

Your Dream Client

From what we’ve gathered, your dream client is…

Someone who is used to turning heads, and has been described as “quirky” throughout their life. They are so much fun to be around and their eccentricity always leads to unexpected adventures that make for the most memorable experiences. On weekends you can find them at the farmer’s market shopping for fresh, organic goods to plan their nutritional meals for the week ahead. Did we mention they make THE BEST smoothies when they’re not out being the life of the party?

Colour Palette

The person described above would typically be drawn to a bright and colourful palette which would represent their eccentric, quirky nature. 

The colour palette I put together which consists of a light shade of blue, a bright yellow and orange, along with a medium magenta gives off the perfect vibe for this person. In the mean time, the darker blue ties the whole brand together since it is entirely unexpected among this range of colours.

Font Combinations

This brand is all about personifying fun, which is why I combined a playful serif font with a handwritten script font stepping into the subheading role. Since the two main fonts are quite strong and decorative, I opted for a low key sans-serif font for the body text to balance everything out while still sticking to the overall style of this brand.


The photos I suggest you use for this brand should be fun and whimsical, with lots of on-brand colours to keep everything cohesive. The images should be taken in spaces that are eye-catching and out-of-the-ordinary to really drive home the quirkiness of this brand vibe. Images sporting backgrounds with pops of bright colours and cute patterns are also great choices for visuals too.

⚠️ It’s important that you avoid images that are dark, bold, or too “serious” since we want to go for a more happy-go-lucky vibe with this brand.



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