Instagram Prompt Templates

Grab the attention of your audience and get them to take action with these fresh, bold Instagram Prompt Templates.

Please Note: You’ll need a Free Canva Account to use these templates!

Does this sound familiar to you?

You’ve spent hours trying to design your Instagram graphics but your attempts don’t exactly shine the best light on your business.

You want to create a cohesive look online but are struggling to design on-brand graphics that look professional and stylish.

You want to create a polished while grabbing the attention of your target audience AND getting them to take action.

You’re exhausted trying to figure it all out and just want a quick n easy fix that will get your business in front of your people.

What's a #bossbabe to do?

You know your offers are amazing and you’re so sure your audience will love them too. If only your Instagram Feed looked the part – you’d be SOLD OUT in no time!

This is EXACTLY why I created these Instagram Templates.


It is time for you to confidently share your offers with the world and turn your audience into raving fans!

This Instagram Feed Bundle was created to help you create a cohesive look online, so you can get more eyes on your business and finally start reaching your dream customers and clients. This is perfect for you if you want something quick and easy to use – yay!

What templates are included?

Daily Prompts to encourage engagement from your audience + sale promo graphics to share your campaigns.

Testimonial and Quote graphics to share some food for customer reviews and inspiration with your audience.

Opt in/content upgrade graphics to promote your freebies, sneak-peek graphics and more!

A PDF with your link to the templates so you never lose access to your download and any future updates.

This bundle of 12 Instagram Prompt Templates contains:

    • 2 Designs for Daily Prompts + A Sales Campaign Graphic
    • An Opt-in Promo Graphic + A Newsletter Subscription Graphic
    • A Launch Announcement Graphic + A Famous Quote Graphic
    • A Client Testimonial Graphic + A ‘Now Booking’ Graphic
    • 2 Designs for a Blog Post Promo + A Tutorial Graphic

Simple and easy to use, these templates are eagerly awaiting your content and unique branding style! Use your FREE Canva account to populate each template with your own content and personalize the colours, fonts and pictures to suit your branding.

Copy and paste the email copy file so you never have to waste time thinking of what you have to send your client! Or use them as a starting point to craft your own emails that will have your clients jumping at the chance to work with you again!​


  • Someone who wants easy to use Canva templates to set boundaries in their business
  • Someone who cannot hire a graphic designer for custom ebooks
  • Someone who does not have the skills to create their own ebooks
  • Someone who is not really “tech-savvy” who wants to use a simple, free design platform, i.e. Canva


  • Someone looking for custom-made ebooks/business templates – these are sold multiple times
  • Someone who is more “tech-savvy” and wants to use Photoshop or Illustrator to create graphics
  • Someone who wants readymade graphics – these templates needs to be populated with your own content and branding (if you prefer) before it can be used.


This template is fully customizable! You can change the colours, font, content and add your own images to make the graphic completely your own.


You need a Free Canva Account to use these templates. PLEASE NOTE: You need to first add the templates to your Canva account using the Desktop version. Once the templates are in your dashboard, you may use them in the Canva mobile app.


The images are NOT included with these templates. You are required to add your own images and content to the templates via Canva. All fonts are available for Free in Canva.


This is a digital product which is delivered via instant download, therefore, no refund can be issued. However, should there be a problem I will gladly help to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

  • These templates may not be resold or redistributed in any way other than to share with clients or customers to set boundaries in business.
  • The images used in these templates belongs to the owner and creator of said images, and can only be used for these templates.
  • The templates may be used in your own business/blog as many times as you want.


This is a digital product which is delivered via instant download, therefore, no refund can be issued. However, should there be a problem I will gladly help to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

These files are for personal use only and may not be sold or redistributed in digital or printed form.

All designs, content and writing in this listing are the property of Polished Pages. Plagiarism is not welcome and will not be tolerated.These templates are fully customizable in Canva. All you’ll need is a free Canva account and some basic editing skills to transform each graphic with your personal brand style.

Thank you for respecting these terms and conditions, it is very much appreciated

Get your DREAM customers double-tapping and adding to cart in no time!