Ready to onboard your dream clients?

Grab the Dream Client Mini Starter Kit for only $27 so you can easily start onboarding your dream clients!

Sound familiar to you?

You’ve spent hours trying to design your own welcome packets and project files but your attempts doesn’t exactly scream ‘professional’​

People are reaching out to work with you but you don’t feel confident about your services when handing over your business information.​

You want to create a professional on-boarding system that has your clients trusting your process and willing to fork out the cash to hire you.​

You’re tired of signing on clients who do not respect your boundaries, contacting you at all sorts of crazy hours with new tasks that you did not sign up for.

What’s a boss babe to do?

You know your service is amazing and you are so sure that you can help your audience with your work. If only your onboarding process reflected this. You’d be fully booked for MONTHS in advance with clients who are ready to invest in your skills!

This is EXACTLY why I created the Dream Client Mini Starter Kit!


The Dream Client Mini Starter Kit

It is entirely possible for you to work with your dream clients on YOUR terms!

The Dream Client Mini Starter kit was created to help you set the tone for the experience you’ll be offering your clients during your time working together. This is perfect for you if you’ve had trouble dealing with problem clients in the past – eek!

Here’s what you get inside…

A 10 Page Service & Pricing Guide Canva template to turn those enquiries into DREAM clients who are thrilled to start working with you! PLUS a content guidebook and planner to help you write copy which you can simply copy & paste into your template.

A 10 Page Client Welcome Packet Canva template to help you easily create a seamless, professional onboarding process for your DREAM clients!. PLUS a content guidebook and planner to help you write copy which you can simply copy & paste into your template.

Email Swipe files to help you communicate with your client at every stage of your project. PLUS emails templates to let go of clients who are no longer aligned with your business - don't worry, I promise they're not awkward at all!

A simple onboarding workflow and tech recommendations to make everything as easy as possible for you to begin onboarding new clients - all of this is delivered to you in Notion with a video guide to show you everything inside.

Get started right away!
One easy payment of $27!

Wave goodbye to nightmare clients and step in front of your DREAM clients with confidence!