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Graphic Design Day with Nihaad

Hello and welcome!

I am thrilled that you’ve expressed an interest in working with me and cannot wait to be a part of your online business journey!

This page is where I share all the information on how to book half day/s in my calendar where I dedicate all my attention to your design priorities, and we get your projects knocked off FAST.

Gone are the days where...

You need to wait months on a waitlist to get your project seen to. Or waste time with drawn out revision windows and endless back-and-forth messaging to get your designs just the way you want.

Your project will get my full attention on the scheduled Graphic Design Day, so you can rest assured that I am dedicating my time and creative energy to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your designs. 

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Fill out the questionnaire linked at the bottom of this page

Tell me a bit more about your project so we can establish what your main priorities are for our design day and how much time you’ll need to book for us to get your project done and dusted. I will follow the order of your priority list so it is important that you make this clear in your questionnaire.

Step 2: Receive proposal and make payment

I’ll send over a proposal based on the information you’ve given in the questionnaire, along with an invoice via PayPal.

Step 3: Sign Contract

You’ll receive my Design Day Rate Service Contract. Once I’ve received payment along with the signed contract, we’ll set a date!

Step 4: Setup Graphic Design Day

I’ll send over my available days and you’ll choose a date that works best for you. You don’t need to be at your computer all the time, but for the day to move along smoothly it is important that you are available during the day should there be anything I need from you. If I cannot reach you, I’ll move on with the next task on your priority list.

Step 5: Graphic Design Day

On the Graphic Design Day I’ll work full steam ahead getting as much of the work done as I can. Halfway through the day, if necessary, I’ll send over what I’ve done in order to get your feedback. This is to ensure that we stay on the right track and that we don’t waste any time going back and forth with revisions. The last stretch of the day is where I complete as much as I can based on your feedback. If there’s time left, I’ll move on to the next task in your priority list. If we run out of time, I’ll wrap up as much as I can, or I’ll inform you if another half day will be needed. The day after our scheduled date/s, I’ll send over the final deliverables – yay!

What can we work on?

*Please note that you’ll need to provide me with copy and brand files (such as fonts, colors, logos, etc) beforehand.

There's no need to spread yourself thin trying to do all the things in your business. Let's make design work one less thing you have to worry about.

Some things you may still be wondering about...

Half day rates are $450 paid upfront. Remember, this time is dedicated entirely to your project. No undivided attention – just the two of us 🙂

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds for cancellations due to the limited slots available. If you need to reschedule because of an emergency or something beyond your control, please let me know one week ahead of time. Again, because slots are limited, I will not make provisions for postponing project days after you’ve already rescheduled. Please choose your day carefully.

Yes! In order for our day to run smoothly, according to plan, you’ll need to be available should I need anything from you. I also check in during the day to get feedback from you, so to make the most of our time together, and to ensure things remain on track, it’s important that I can reach you.

If you want to get your top priority task done and dusted by the end of our design day then it is important that you are available during the booked day to respond to me with feedback or to answer any question I may have about the project.

If you are slow to respond, I’ll continue with the next task on the priority list and circle back to the original task once you get back to me.

Please keep in mind that you are booking half of my day – not a set of deliverables. Based on the questionnaire you’ll fill out and the prep work I do before our day kicks off, I’ll have a clear plan of action set out for what I can complete in that time. This is why you’ll provide me with a priority list, and I’ll start with the task at the very top.

At the end of our time together I’ll email you with a breakdown of everything I was able to accomplish during the half day/s, along with further instructions on how you can wrap up the unfinished tasks yourself or book an additional half day with me to complete them for you.

I will use Canva Pro to create all the graphics and templates. However, I can also use PhotoShop, InDesign or Illustrator to design the graphics for you.

Once you sign the contract and make payment, I’ll email you with further instructions.

Depending on the size/nature of the project and how many days you book, we’ll either communicate via email or I’ll set up a project board in Asana.

Feel free to pop me an email at hello@ourpolishedpages with any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow a 24 hour response time due to possible time differences.

Ready to work with me?

Let’s figure out what the best use of our day will be and sort out your priority list!