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Brand & Graphic Design

Business info changed per client's request

This project was unique in the sense that the company does not run as an online business, and their work involves confidential material which is why they requested to not be identified. The client wished to uplevel the look and feel of her business to match the high level of service she provides while adding a fun touch to intrigue her clients as her work tends to be more serious. She wanted her new brand and visuals to hold the attention of her clients with beautiful designs while maintaining the professionality her niche expects.

Summit Graphics Refresh

Eden Fried​, The Rebel Boss Summit

This project was booked for the makeover of The Rebel Boss Summit graphics, which included promotional graphics for social media, event graphics for the speakers and sponsors, along with video covers for the presentations. All designs were given as editable Canva templates which can be repurposed by Eden or her team as needed.

Instagram Static 9-Grid

Nicholette von Reiche, The Passive Income Agency

This project was booked to design a static 9 grid for Instagram to showcase Nicholette’s new offers in a dynamic and luxurious way. Each post was designed as a carousel to provide all the information potential clients will need before making a booking with Nicholette. As part of the prep work, a content strategy proposal was put together to help plan the flow of the posts.

Client Love

Helping women showcase their amazing talents with polished, scroll-stopping graphics is kinda my JAM. But, don’t take my word for it – have a look at what my clients have said about my work…
Nicholette Styles

Working with Nihaad was such an incredible decision for me and my business! I am always so impressed by how well she captures the vision for my brand in what she designs. She consistently produces excellent quality work that fits in seamlessly with my brand.

Eden Fried

You always put a creative spin on images while maintaining the integrity of the brand. Your ideas are things I never could have come up with on my own, which makes spending money with you so worthwhile. I know how to write and market, but you know how to design, so it’s really a match made in heaven.

Cyber Monday Sale Graphics

The Canva Template Shop

The Canva Template Shop’s annual Cyber Monday Sale needed a fresh look to capture the attention of potential customers during the busiest sale season of the year. By the end of the project the shop’s team had Instagram portraits and Story templates in multiple variations which they could easily upload without any design work needed on their part.

Summit Logo & Graphics

Eden Fried​, Go Digital on Etsy

Being the second summit she’ll be hosting, Eden Fried wanted to create promotional graphics for the Go Digital On Etsy Summit that stood apart from The Rebel Boss Summit while using the same branding. Since this was a completely new event, she also needed a logo to accompany the visuals. By the end of the project, I designed a fresh new look for the Go Digital On Etsy Summit switching the colour usage from the Rebel Boss branding to create promo graphics, speaker graphics, event graphics and presentation cover options. 

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