Portfolio Tag: virtual event graphics

  • Maureen Mwangi Social Media Graphics

    Maureen Mwangi is a Brand Growth Strategist For Product Brands who needed to create some polished graphics for her social media – specifically to share new content with her audience and to promote her workshops. Here’s a look at what I created for her brand: I am impressed by how you captured the perception of […]

  • Kate Doster Bundle Graphics

    Kate Doster reached out to have her current course templates updated with a fresh, new design. Kate booked a Launch + Promo Design project with me to create these templates which are a bonus feature inside her course, Collaboration Cash-in, where she teaches online business owners how to host a bundle. The templates are used […]

  • Workshop Graphics

    Maureen Mwangi is a Brand Growth Strategist For Product Brands, and she needed graphics to promote her new accelerator program. She also needed graphics to promote the free workshop she was hosting to sign on new students to work with. When asked how working with me helped her business, Maureen said:“Saved my team a lot […]

  • Etsy Summit Graphics

    The host of The Rebel Boss Summit, Eden Fried, started a brand new virtual summit called “Go Digital on Etsy” and needed promotional graphics. She wanted to stick to the Rebel Boss branding but also be able to have the Etsy summit stand on its own. In this project I created the summit logo, promotional […]

  • The Canva Template Shop

    The aim of this project was to create fresh, new designs for The Canva Template Shop’s annual Cyber Monday sale. Following the copy and promo strategy, I created Instagram squares and stories that could easily be spotted in the newsfeed. The colour palette was specifically curated for the sale.