Ingrid Urena is a talented photographer and web designer, who also sells stock photography for female creatives.

She contacted me a while ago because she needed some Pinterest graphics to be populated with her blog content, and to promote her stock photography business. Running multiple businesses, I’m sure you can imagine there’s just no time to sit down and create templates, populate the graphics, AND share them on social media; so she reached out to me for some assistance.

The Atelier21 website already has a Pinterest graphic prepared, so the bulk of this project was just going through her blog to repurpose the content for the posts she wanted to share on Pinterest.

However, it is highly recommended to have at least three different graphics to promote your content, so I went about creating two new templates for her to complimented her existing one.

Ingrid provided me with her current Canva template, along with photographs from her membership site to use for these graphics.

Using her brand colours, and the recurring elements on her website, I created the graphics on the left and right. I wanted the new graphics to have a similar look to her existing one so that it can contribute towards her already established cohesive online appearance.

Do you think I achieved this? I’d love to know what you think – your feedback is very much appreciated!


Project: Pinterest custom, batch graphics and prepared posts

Files Provided: Existing template, stock photography from personal collection

Software Used: Canva (Premium)