You really understood what I was wanting, and you’ve delivered!!

Thank you for all of this! I am loving it!!! It is amazing how much more energized I am this morning about my business…and it is 100% because of what you have put together for me.


This project was unique in the sense that the company does not run as an online business, and their work involves confidential material which is why they requested to not be identified. The client wished to up level the look and feel of her business to match the high level of service she provides while adding a fun touch to intrigue her clients as her work tends to be more serious. She wanted her new brand and visuals to hold the attention of her clients with beautiful designs while maintaining the professionalism her niche expects.

By the end of the project, we handed over:

  • An entire new brand with colour palette, font choices, and patterns and textures; all compiled in a brand guidelines document for the client to get a true understanding of the brand and how to implement it in their business.
  • 3 main logo options and a submark created in all the different colour variations.
  • Pattern and texture PNG files created with all the different colour variations.
  • 10 email header options
  • 10 email signature options
  • 20 square graphics which included testimonials, list graphics and announcement graphics
  • 10 rectangle graphics which included warning graphics, testimonials and announcement graphics.
  • 5 page service document template
  • Branded checklist Google Doc
  • Video walkthrough of the entire brand, all the files and how to use the templates.