“Since 2011, we’ve been building polished brands, effective marketing strategies, and stylish websites for event planners, photographers, PR firms, interior designers, and lifestyle brands galore.” – Marketing Queen Website

I know I keep harping over the importance of well designed brand graphics over here on this space, but it’s for a very good reason – graphics that communicates your brand values attracts the kind of people you want to work with. People that you can form meaningful connections with and who you’ll enjoy working on projects with!

When I had the opportunity to work on this custom social media graphics project for Crystal Dove from Marketing Queen, I felt my brand was on the right track in attracting the kind of clients I dreamed to be working with. 

Because Crystal was most definitely a DREAM client!

After sending over all her branding files and stock photos, I got to work on creating 10 social media graphics for her to start posting more consistently on her profiles.

Here is a sample of the graphics I created using Adobe Illustrator – the templates were also repurposed in Canva so her VA could easily edit them as needed:

Since Crystal had a rock solid brand in place, it was important for me to create graphics that complimented her website and carried that same cohesion across all her social media platforms. This is why I made good use of her colour palette, font style, stock photos and logos so that she was instantly recognized by her target audience and followers.

To see the graphics in use, go ahead and visit Marketing Queen through the channels linked below:

Website | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook


Files Provided: Branding files and Photos

Project: 10 Custom Social Media Graphics/Templates (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Stories)

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator and Canva