Nicholette Styles | Instagram Promotion Graphics

Nicholette Styles was one of the very first people selling Canva Templates as digital products, so naturally I’ve been a huge admirer of hers since I too sell Canva Templates in my shops.

When she contacted me about helping out with her Red, White and Bundle Sale graphics for Instagram I was practically giddy!

Nicholette was running a 4th July Celebratory sale on her Canva Bundles and needed some graphics to promote the sale. She provided me with a colour palette, fonts choices, and stock photos and I went rather wild!

The images were bright and bold (which came as a shock to Nicholette initially, lol!) but I felt that it needed to be striking and eye catching so people would stop their scrolling to take note of the sale. Since her Instagram feed featured a lot of neutral colours I took a chance and played around with the red and royal blue since I didn’t think it would clash with the rest of her aesthetics.

Here’s a sample of the graphics I created for here:


Files Provided: Branding files and Photos

Project: Custom Promo Instagram Graphics/Templates 

Software Used: Canva