A couple months back, Vanessa Ryan underwent a complete rebrand and needed some new Instagram Prompt Graphics to match her refreshed style.

Vanessa runs a fantastic membership site called Opt in for Profit where she hosts workshops and webinars to help entrepreneurs/bloggers create opt ins and digital products. She needed some prompt graphics to post on this site, along with her other closed group communities, that will capture her audience’s attention while matching the rest of her business branding.

She purchased a 14 post Instagram package where I could prepare posts for her by repurposing content from her podcast series. I created these graphics for her to use in between her brand photography, when she posts about a recurring topic.

I used Canva to create these graphics, and provided her with the template in case she needed to create more in the future. Her brand colours, fonts, and logo were all used to tie in with the rest of her online appearance.

These were the final graphics:

Here is a sample of the Instagram Grid I created to get an idea of what her feed will look like once she published all the posts I prepared.

I wanted to create something that was understated and simple, yet chic and professional looking.

Vanessa has beautiful stock photos, so I wanted these graphics to give off a clean look when it’s being posted on Instagram.

Over all, I was quite happy with the way these graphics turned out – but I’d love to know your thoughts. Feel free to post a comment below to let me know what you think of this project. Your feedback would really help me and it’s very much appreciated!

Project Overview

Project: Instagram Prompt Graphics and Prepared Posts

Files Provided: Brand board featuring brand colours, brand fonts, logos, stock photography

Software Used: Canva (Premium)