I cannot begin to describe my excitement to finally be publishing this post, sharing my brand new web site with the world wide web!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been hard at work the last couple of months to get this space up and running before the new year – the time has finally arrived where I can actually show you what I’ve been doing.

I sure hope you love this new look as much as I do!

Today I’m going to be sharing my process for the rebrand of Polished Pages, and how I went about creating the website:


My main aim for this rebrand was to be 100% intentional and authentic with every aspect of the design work and content. This meant that I needed to sit down and take a serious look at what I wanted Polished Pages to be.

  • What values will the business be built on?
  • How will we be helping our clients and customers?
  • Where would I like to be in the next 2 -3 years?
  • What are our long term and short term goals?
  • What kind of emotions am I hoping the brand will evoke?
  • How do I intend to bring this across?

These are just a few of the questions I needed to answer before I could hop onto Pinterest and start curating a mood board for inspiration.

By the end of this process, I determined that Polished Pages will be built on trust, dedication, and community. We will be focusing on creative female entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses, who have built their businesses around what’s important in their lives instead of having their lives fit in with their work.

Once this became clear, I was then able to move onto the next phase and create a brand board, knowing exactly what I want to achieve with the look.

I wanted my new logo to be simple and recognizable.

Using Illustrator, I created a geometric diamond which symbolizes the polished, professional look we want to help our clients achieve with their online spaces.

The circular alignment of the business name represents the close circle/community which Polished Pages aims to continue fostering.

The pale blue and pink colours are meant to evoke trust and professionalism, while proudly showing off femininity.

I wanted a colour palette that’s calm, subtle, and simple; but I also wanted to create a space that was beautiful and elegant. Keeping things minimal, helped me achieve this.

I created a simple geometric pattern to add a bit of dimension to the website and graphics. The pattern would also help to tie everything together so that the aesthetics remain cohesive.

The next step in the web design process was to create a wireframe and mockup of the website in Adobe Illustrator. Using the brand elements and the wireframe, I was able to put together something that really reflected my brand vision and business goals.


Once I was happy with the brand board, I returned to Illustrator to design a wireframe of the website. This helped me to figure out where all the different elements were going to be placed based on what was of top priority for the brand.

I wanted the website to be clear and user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple to follow. It was important for me to clearly state what the website and business is all about, giving readers an option to learn more about the services I offer.

Building a community and forming connections online is on top of the list for me, so I felt it necessary to add a space on the homepage to introduce myself.

Displaying some client reviews is always a nice touch, and helps to build trust with potential clients. This is why I added space for a testimonial.

Email marketing is extremely important for any business these days, and since it’s my goal to grow my email list with opt ins and freebies, it was vital that I set up a subscription box for people to sign up to my newsletter.

Instagram has been my number one platform for marketing my business, and growing an authentic community around the brand. It was important to me to have my Instagram feed displayed in the footer, along with links to my other online stores.

The light and airy look of the website was exactly what I wanted, while still making use of colour and patterns throughout the space. No clutter or unnecessary distractions = win!


In order to have a cohesive appearance online, I needed to design graphics that complimented my new website.

I decided to use the geometric pattern on my graphics for a consistent look that will easily be recognized as Polished Pages. Keeping the colour scheme and fonts as well, I went for something simple that won’t take the spotlight off the actual website. However, it needed to be eye catching too, so that people will actually stop their scrolling to read what I’m posting…

These are the graphics I came up with for the blog, Pinterest, and Instagram:


Project: Branding and website design

Files Provided: Stock photography

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Squarespace