I completed my first Etsy Shop Branding and Setup Client Project (something I’ve always wanted to do) and it was a huge success!

A couple of days into the new year I was chatting to my sister in law about my business. She graduated from University at the end of 2018, and has since been faced with the dilemma of having the degree but no work experience for her dream job.

Sensing the impending rough road ahead, and not wanting her to be plagued with the feeling of despair and desperation; I swayed her into starting her own Etsy store to build her experience and do work she actually enjoys.

About a week later, Tasneem launched her very own service based business on Etsy, and has already started working with paying clients!

Tasneem offers micro blog post packages and transcribing for female podcasters and creative business women who wants to take charge of their time. She also plans to launch some exciting new services in the near future, and I’m so happy she has a solid brand for her growing business; one she can be proud of because it reflects her values as a fempreneur.

Before I began the design process, I gathered some information regarding the services she planned on offering, the name of her new business, and the tone she wishes to set for her community online. Tasneem chose to combine her childhood term of endearment, Poppie, and her initial, Tee, to come up with her business name.

“Having Nihaad design the graphics for my brand has honestly been the best decision I have ever made. She captured my brand perfectly. She is efficient, has an extreme eye for detail, and is highly pleasant to work with. She took my words and ideas and transformed it into something remarkable. I’m truly blown away!

She knew exactly what I wanted, what I envisioned, and the authenticity of my brand. Upon looking at the final product, I never could have imagined something better. Now that my brand image is captured so perfectly, I can rest knowing that my clients see what Nihaad captured so beautifully!”

TASNEEM, Poppie Tee Creative

She wanted to create a brand that inspired her community, that lifted their spirits, and made them feel happy when ever they’d visit her profile.

When we discussed her imagery, she mentioned feeling drawn to sunflowers and bright colours. I made the suggestion to use poppy flowers in her branding, along with yellow and blue to reflect that sense of joy she wanted to instill within her business.

As we became clear on her vision, I kept picturing hand drawn elements in her branding, which I felt would add a personal touch to help her connect with her target audience.

Using a graphics tablet and Illustrator, I created a simple logo, with digitized drawings of a poppy flower to tie together all the different aspects of her brand:

The next step was to decide which platforms she was going to utilize in her marketing strategy. We decided Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest were the best options, and came up with simple social media graphics to help her establish a cohesive look for her business across all her online profiles.

She also required an Etsy banner to let potential clients know exactly what her business is all about.

The most important piece of this project, for me, was the client welcome packet. Offering a fantastic project experience, from beginning to end, is vital in client care; and the welcome packet plays a key role here. As a business, your branding won’t mean a thing if your clients have a terrible experience working with you, which is why I felt it absolutely crucial to design something that offered the perfect welcome to Poppie Tee Creative clients and customers.

Overall, I had a fantastic time working on this project; and seeing Poppie Tee Creative come alive has been absolutely rewarding!

Poppie Tee Creative Shop

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Project: Custom Branding for Etsy store and social media graphics

Files Provided: N/A

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva (Premium)

Tech Used: Huion H610 Graphics Tablet