I always enjoy working on Vanessa Ryan’s projects. She is super dedicated about her business, passionate about helping others grow theirs, and knows exactly what she wants – a DREAM client for any designer, if you ask me!

When she asked me to create some custom graphics to promote her Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales on social media, I was overjoyed!

Since we’ve been working together on multiple projects over the last few months, I already had all her branding files. All that was needed for these, were some photographs, which she provided me with.

I wanted these graphics to be eye catching, on-brand, and chic. Since the photographs were bright and colourful, I needed to balance it out with a slightly transparent background overlay. This helped to add focus to the text and CTAs.

Since she was running two different sales for these days, Vanessa made a clever choice to have different colour palettes for the two sets of campaign graphics. This helped her audience to easily identify the two sales, and not be confused by the different terms for each one.

The final part to this project, was to create a GIF to showcase Vanessa’s different templates in her store. Since her shop is filled with stunning digital products, we needed to display this in a way that was subtle, not salesy; but it still needed to fulfill the purpose of attracting people to actually buy the templates.

We achieved this by using her prepared mockups, to keep everything cohesive and on-brand.


Project: Custom social media graphics for sales campaign

Files Provided: Stock photography, mockups, brand files

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop