You all know by now that I am Vanessa Ryan’s Graphic Design Assistant, so I am always helping her with promo graphics, mockups, and any other graphics she needs for her business.

Sometime during the month of May, Vanessa spoke about hosting a summit dedicated to her superpower – opt in marketing. She had this fabulous idea to organize the summit with a party theme to get people really excited about all the fantastic resources they’ll have access to during the 4 days of talks. She sent me some ideas of what she had in mind and wanted the graphics to really give off the party vibe she spoke of.

To my utter surprise, Vanessa managed to pull together over 30 speakers and organize an entire summit in the space of one month! And it was AWESOME!

I had such an incredible time designing the graphics using Vanessa Ryan’s branding and brand photos captured by the ever talented Ingrid Urena from Atelier 21 co. Here’s a look at the final graphics I handed over to Vanessa for the summit…

One of the first things Vanessa spoke to me about for what she had in mind for these graphics was the party pass. She wanted to create a party invitation/ticket for those who purchased a VIP Party Pass for lifetime access to the summit. The ticket needed to have all the details of what the customer will receive, which included an entry into the giveaway.

Using her branding colours, fonts, and icons, I created the VIP Party Pass above. I also designed a couple of promo graphics using her brand photos, so everyone could promote the offer.

Next, she asked for me to repurpose a set of Instagram templates she purchased from a different designer for each speaker taking part in the summit. The graphics they required included an Instagram square, Instagram Story graphic, Email Newsletter graphic, and a set of video covers for each talk.

The graphics needed to have all the important details of the summit, including the speaker’s details as well as the talk they’d be giving.

To add some of the signature Vanessa Ryan flair, I used her logo, icons, and script font which I felt made the graphics feel less serious and gave it the “party theme” touch she wanted.

One of the bonuses the VIP Party Pass holders received was Vanessa’s signature Opt in to Offer course. She asked me to create covers and end page graphics for each of the videos in the course.

The cover graphics needed to give the viewer a clear idea of what the video was about and what the main take away was going to be, while the end page had a short point-form summary of what she spoke about. I also added a little ribbon below to let the viewer know what the next video in the course would be.

I had such a ball of a time creating these graphics because it is quite seldom that I go wild. But, because Vanessa’s branding is so pretty and playful I could really run with the party theme idea, creating graphics that took a serious summit and turned it into a festive celebration of all things opt ins!


Project: Custom Promo and Speaker Graphics for the Opt in Party Summit, VIP Party Pass Upsell, and the Opt in Offer Signature Course.

Files Provided: Branding files, Brand Photos, Speaker Photos

Software Used: Canva, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop