Project: ZAJ Accounting Services – Brand Development

Client: Natasha Miller, Founder of ZAJ Accounting Services

Overview: Natasha Miller operates “ZAJ Accounting Services,” a virtual accounting firm specializing in bookkeeping and tax services for e-commerce businesses on the Shopify platform. Natasha aimed to create a brand identity that not only reflects her core business values but also resonates with her target audience.


  • Develop a visual identity that embodies the brand’s values: Empowerment, Professionalism, Approachability, Honesty & Transparency, Confidentiality, and Integrity.
  • Create a cohesive and engaging brand that Natasha feels confident and excited to use.
  • Provide a comprehensive set of branding materials and graphics to support ongoing marketing efforts.

Solution: Using Natasha’s brand words as the guiding principles, I designed a visual identity that captures the essence of “ZAJ Accounting Services.” The project encompassed several key components:

  1. Logo Suite:
    • Designed a versatile logo suite that conveys professionalism and approachability, ensuring it’s adaptable across various media and marketing materials.
  2. Color Palette:
    • Developed a color palette that reflects the brand’s values, using tones that evoke trust, clarity, and empowerment. The colors were chosen to appeal to e-commerce businesses looking for reliable and honest accounting services.
  3. Pattern and Font Selection:
    • Created unique patterns and selected fonts that align with the brand’s attributes. The patterns add a layer of personality, while the fonts convey clarity and professionalism.
  4. Stock Image Curation:
    • Curated a collection of stock images that resonate with the brand’s values and the e-commerce audience. These images are used in marketing materials to enhance the visual storytelling of ZAJ Accounting Services.
  5. Graphics Library:
    • Developed a library of customizable templates for social media, allowing Natasha to easily promote her services and share content that engages her audience. The templates ensure consistency and professionalism in all her social media interactions.

Client Feedback: “I recently worked with Nihaad of Our Polished Pages on a rebrand. She did a fantastic job capturing the direction I want my brand to take. From the logos to the imagery, everything fits together perfectly. I cannot wait to put the elements in place. She is a joy to work with. Communication was a 10, and the whole process was seamless. I enjoyed working with her and will work with her on future projects.”
— Natasha Miller, Founder of ZAJ Accounting Services

Results: The branding project for ZAJ Accounting Services resulted in a cohesive, professional, and approachable visual identity that Natasha feels proud to use. The new brand effectively communicates the firm’s core values and positions it as a trustworthy and empowering partner for e-commerce businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • A well-defined brand identity can significantly enhance the perception of professionalism and trust in a virtual service-based business.
  • Combining personal attributes with audience preferences is key to creating a brand that resonates with both the business owner and the target market.
  • A comprehensive graphics library can streamline marketing efforts and ensure consistent brand messaging across various platforms.


  • Logo Suite
  • Color Palette
  • Patterns and Fonts
  • Stock Images
  • Social Media Templates

Conclusion: The rebranding of “ZAJ Accounting Services” successfully aligned the firm’s visual identity with its mission and values. The new brand not only meets Natasha’s expectations but also sets the stage for effective and engaging communication with her e-commerce clients.