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Want to test out your next offer? Wondering how to share it with your email community?

I’ve mapped out your exact email sequence for your next pre-sale, and even went ahead and wrote them out for you!

Now, I’ve been there – excitedly hitting the launch button on the offer I’ve been working on for weeks only to be left with the sound of crickets. It sucks!

Running a pre-sale is the answer you might just be looking for, because:

💖 It gives you time to validate your idea and be sure that it will be profitable before spending time and resources on creating it

💖 It gives you the greenlight to move forward knowing for certain that your launch is going to be a HIT, not a miss

💖 It lets you get paid to create your offer and feel motivated to bring it to life (because who wouldn’t feel excited by an endless scroll of sales notifications???)

I’m sharing scripts of exactly what to say in your emails to make your list so excited to hop aboard BEFORE you’ve even created your offer yet!


The Pre-sale Email Script

A thoughtfully prepared pre-sale email sequence with 8 pre-written email scripts that are super easy to make your own so you can quickly start sharing your offer in the making – without sounding like Matilda’s dad!

What’s included inside:

Here’s another look at everything you’re getting for only $9:

Pre-sale email sequence outline

a $27 value

A pre-sale email sequence outline, along with checklist and status tracker to make sure you complete every step

pre-sale email scripts

8 Pre-sale email scripts

a $47 value

8 thoughtfully written emails with fill-in-the-blank prompts for you to add in your own details to truly make it yours

pre-sale delivery emails

Pre-sale delivery email script

a $13 value

A pre-selling delivery email script so you know exactly what to say to your customer once they take advantage of your pre-sale

The Pre-sale Email Script

A thoughtfully outlined pre-sale email sequence with pre-written email scripts that are super easy to make your own so you can quickly start sharing your offer in the making – without sounding like Matilda’s dad!

about the designer

Hey, I'm Nihaad!

A graphics and Canva templates designer on a mission to set you apart from everyone else out there. As a full time stay-at-home-mum of 3 little boys, I know how hard it can be to show up online as the polished, put-together business woman you think your audience expects to see. This is why I am such a firm believer in strong biz branding – YOU get to decide how you wanna show up and make an impact…

Building a brand is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. And setting up a passive income with digital products is right up there. Which is why I’m so pumped to help you run your very first pre-sale, so you can stop sleeping on your brilliant ideas and finally share them with the world!

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Confidently pre-sell your new offer with a done-for-you email sequence that’s so NOT sleazy!

Follow this email sequence outline to write your very first presale emails, and make sure your next offer is one your audience LOVES.