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Let's create stunning visuals for a buzz-worthy launch

Imagine finally seeing your business dreams unfold right before your eyes: your programs reflecting the incredible value you provide for your clients, you showing up in all your boss babe glory – all with a business that looks and feels good to YOU.

This is possible – within reach. And, I can help!

launch design support

Launch + Promo Design Support

investment: $449 | Timeframe: 1 week

Need eye-catching graphics for your launch that will create a buzz? During our project, I’ll create all your promo graphics so you can relax knowing your offer will get seen by the right people. Or, if you’re planning a bigger virtual event – be it a summit, bundle, challenge, or workshop series, I’ll design the visuals to get those registration numbers UP.


"I am impressed by how you captured the perception of my brand with minimal revisions."

Your work is stellar. I love how you think outside of the box and come up with new and creative ways that are unique and help breakthrough the noise.

New Offer Brand Design

investment: $950 | Timeframe: 1 week

Give your new course or program a stunning look that captures the eyes (and hearts) of your dream clients for a sold out launch. By the end of this project you will have a captivating brand ready to start creating beautiful visuals for your offer.


"I am always so impressed by how well she captures the vision for my brand in what she designs."

Working with Nihaad was such an incredible decision for me and my business! I am always so impressed by how well she captures the vision for my brand in what she designs. She consistently produces excellent quality work that fits in seamlessly with my brand.

woman creating video with iphone

Program Asset Design

investment: $3000 | Timeframe: 2 weeks

Get all the material of your course or program designed in a way that excites and delights your clients. By the end of this project your entire curriculum will be transformed into gorgeous designs, ready for you to open doors for enrolment!


"Your graphic design skills have greatly contributed to our success on social media, our monthly newsletters, course module layout, and our yearly planner."

My favorite part about working with you would be your kindness, your calm presence, and your willingness to help.  Your professionalism is top notch and I appreciate the fact that you take your work seriously. Your expertise in graphic design has been invaluable to our success so far and any future projects will undoubtedly benefit from your input.

How it works

Let's get you started with these next steps

Step One

At the bottom of this page you will find a button taking you to a form which you will need to fill out and submit to me so I can know a bit more about your project.

Step Two

If we’re a good fit, you’ll receive an email with an invoice requiring you to pay a 50% deposit to secure your project with me. The balance must be settled before the project begins.

Step Three

You’ll receive a link to book your project week, along with my contract, project proposal and homework required for you to complete, in an instructions email.

Step four

You’ll complete the homework and provide me with everything I need BEFORE the project, so that there’s no need for any delays.

Step five

During the project week I’ll work on your graphics. Halfway through the week, I’ll ask for feedback; at which point you can let me know what changes you’d like.

Step six

Depending on how many revisions is required, you will get your graphics by the end of the week, along with video guides to help you make the most out of your investment – yay!

Let's Do This

It's time to show up and stand out with your big, bold moves

Promote your offers with bespoke graphics that captures the eyes (and hearts) of your audience for a sold out launch.

"You really understood what I was wanting, and you’ve delivered!!"

Thank you for all of this! I am loving it!!! It is amazing how much more energized I am this morning about my business…and it is 100% because of what you have put together for me.

Some things you may still be wondering about...

Of course! Take a look at my portfolio over here.

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds for cancellations due to the limited spots available. If you need to reschedule because of an emergency or something beyond your control, please let me know before the project begins. Again, because slots are limited, I will not make provisions for postponing project days after you’ve already rescheduled. Please choose your day carefully.

During the onboarding process you will provide me details of the project and everything you need done. I will assess and let you know if the tasks can be done during our timeframe. If anything falls outside the scope, I will let you know beforehand and offer you a separate quote.

Before the project begins you are required to complete a questionnaire to give me a good understanding of what you need and want. Each package includes 2 sets of revisions which you are welcome to brief me on when I send over the breakdown of everything I was able to complete.

I will use Canva Pro to create all the graphics and templates, which you will be able to use with a free Canva account.

Once you sign the contract and make payment, I’ll email you with further instructions.

Depending on the size/nature of the project and how many days you book, we’ll either communicate via email or I’ll set up a project board in Asana.

Feel free to pop me an email at with any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Since I am based in South Africa, please allow a 24 hour response time due to possible time differences.