Using Canva makes it really simple to keep your brand in check so that you can build the foundations of being instantly recognized by your ideal audience.

Much like anything else in business, creating a rock solid brand takes time and requires consistency in all the different areas that make up your online space. This is where Canva comes in handy – you can use your dashboard as a brand hub to ensure that every design task gets completed tailored to your unique brand.

Here are a few simple ways you can use Canva to stay consistent with your brand:

Simple ways to stay consistent with your brand using Canva

1. Upload your brand kit to your Canva profile to make design tasks a breeze

By uploading your logo files, colour palette and brand fonts into Canva, you will have your very own brand kit ready to start customizing anything you need in your business. Having your brand kit at the ready means that your brand assets are easily accessible and you don’t need to go look for those files when you’re creating your visuals. This is especially useful for those moments when you’re really pressed for time and need to create something fast.

But, the most important benefit of uploading your brand kit into your Canva dashboard is that it will help you stay consistent with your brand when completing design tasks. By making your brand assets easily accessible, Canva gives you the power to create stunning visuals while sticking to your brand so you can build meaningful connections with your audience and remain top of mind.

2. Create a brand guidelines document in Canva to understand how to implement your brand

Having a brandboard or a more in-depth document such as a brand guidelines document will help you stay within the boundaries of your brand, helping you remain consistent so you do not compromise the integrity of your brand. This is especially useful if design is not really your strong suit but you are not in a position to outsource design tasks just yet. Your brand guidelines will be really beneficial to ensure that you use your colour palette correctly, that you stick to the font hierarchy of your brand, and that you know which images to avoid adding into your graphics – crucial pieces that come together to create on-brand visuals for your business.

If you don’t have a brandboard or brand guidelines document you can easily create one right in Canva and save it into a folder where you store everything regarding your business branding. You are also most welcome to take my Dream Biz Brand Quiz to get a hold of a brandboard tailored to your business vibe. Just hit the button below to take the 2 minute quiz right away!

3. Organize your brand assets in a specific folder designated for your biz brand

Staying organized when it comes to your brand files will really pave the way for you to remain consistent when taking on design tasks. Thankfully, Canva allows you to create folders and subfolders so you can keep everything in its rightful place, making it easier and less time consuming for you to create on-brand visuals for your business.

Examples of some folders you may want to create for your online business brand includes: logos, patterns, textures, icons, stock images, social media templates, brand photos, mockups, offer graphics, etc.

Setting up these folders right from the start will make it easier for you to access everything relating to your brand, eliminating the chance of you using any template or file that doesn’t fit with your brand.

4. Create your documents using Canva Docs

Making use of Canva Docs once again gives you the chance to create a design with your brand, thus ensuring that every detail in your business stays consistent from an aesthetic perspective. By having access to everything related to your brand such as your colour palette, fonts, logos, stock photos, etc, you can create documents that look as good as the rest of your business.

Thankfully, the process is a whole lot easier because you can draft, edit and customize your document right inside Canva! This not only helps you save time, but it also makes it easier to actually create beautiful documents for your business with ease. And, once you have your document set up you can save it as a template which you can use over and over as needed. Starting from scratch will be a thing of the past for you!

5. Use Canva Templates to create beautiful, on-brand graphics

When you’re doing everything in your business, time saving hacks are your best bet. Unfortunately this also means that there’s more room for cutting corners in areas that matters, such as your brand. Thankfully this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to your graphics, because with Canva templates you can easily create beautiful on brand graphics without overthinking. 

And, when you have your brand kit in place, a brand guidelines document to follow and all your brand assets organized in an easy to find folder, customizing those Canva templates will be as easy as pie!

All you need to do is choose the right templates for your business so that customizing them becomes a no brainer!

Running an online business comes with a lot of responsibilities that often get overlooked. If you don’t have a proper system and process things can begin to pile up. That’s when things like maintaining a consistent brand falls through the cracks.

If you’re not careful (and intentional) about the way you take on design tasks, pretty soon you’ll find your business brand all over the show. This can be damaging to your online business, especially if you’ve yet to build a reputation among your audience.

Using Canva to complete your design tasks will help you remain consistent and organized so you can continue to build your brand with ease.

Need help putting your brandboard together? I’ve got you!

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