Here’s a question for you:

What if you could set up your digital product offer without the tech overwhelm and confusion in just one week?

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Let me rephrase that…

What if, in just a couple hours each day, you could launch a new offer in your business that will have you boosting your profits with passive income?

…An offer that allows you to increase your revenue without sacrificing more time that you could be spending with your family…

Because that digital product you’ve created months ago that has been collecting virtual dust bunnies on your computer, is now an actual offer on your website just waiting for customers to click “Buy Now!” and send money your way.

If you want to learn how to setup your digital product offer so you can actually make money while you’re watching Netflix (or taking a much needed break by doing absolutely nothing)…

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Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to earn passive income, you need a digital product to sell…

However, you’re utterly overwhelmed and confused by the process of how to do so, asking questions like…

Just imagine

Having a step by step guide showing you the exact process to get your digital product setup so you can begin promoting your offer for customers to start buying.

Can you picture what this would mean for you? 


If you want to learn how to easily create a digital product offer to sell passively…


Super Simple Tech Stack

The step-by-step process that shows you how to start selling your digital product offer without the tech stress

Say no more, I'm in!!

Today’s price: $67 $34

Here’s how we’ll get your created offer ready to be sold…

What makes Super Simple Tech Stack different?

You’ve seen many programs and courses out there, showing you how to create a digital product offer. However, you find that step to be easy – in fact, your offer is already done… You are struggling with the tech bits, and find that the confusion about how to set everything up is holding you back from the money you could be making out of that beautiful offer you poured your heart into.

This training workshop takes you through a very simple process that eliminates the confusion on which platforms to sign up for, and having to figure out how everything comes together on your sales page.

You’ve heard the phrase “done is better than perfect”

Creating a digital product is better than thinking of creating one – being stuck in the planning phase waiting for things to be “just right” won’t move the needle in earning yourself some passive income.

This training will stop the nitpicking in its tracks so you can make big moves in your business.

Are you ready to start making money while you’ve stepped away from your computer?

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

The Super Simple Tech Stack Training Workshop ($67 value)

This training videos takes you through my 6 step workflow so that you can set up your digital product offer and not get distracted with things that will only hold you back from earning passive income

Training workbook ($27 value)

Gather all the information you are going to need for each of the actionable steps in the training so you can have a clear plan to follow through without feeling overwhelmed by all the different moving parts involved.

Did someone say “Bonuses”?

In addition to everything inside of The Super Simple Tech Stack, I’m also going to throw in these bonuses to give you a kickstart to getting your offer ready for launch, even faster!

Bonus 1: Canva Mockup Templates and Training ($37 value)

Easily create product shots using these editable Canva templates so you can show your customers exactly what they will be getting with your offer. Simply pop in the screenshots of what’s included.

Bonus 2: Product Description Workbook ($37 value)

Follow the prompts to easily write out the product description for your sales page so you don’t have to spend more time wondering what to say about your offer.

Grab the Super Simple Tech Stack Training

$67 $34

You have questions.

I have answers.

Grab the Super Simple Tech Stack Training

$67 $34