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  • 3 lead magnet ideas for online service based businesses

    Using an opt in or lead magnet is a fantastic way to grow an email list for any online business owner. However, a lot of the times, lead magnets get overlooked by online service based businesses who are trying to attract dream clients. Perhaps you (an online service provider) think an opt in is only […]

  • 5 reasons to grow your email list as a service provider

    It took me quite a while to truly understand the power of email marketing as an online service provider. Like most, I focused all my energy and resources building my Instagram Profile without giving much thought to long term strategy for finding new clients. I thought that it was more important to have an established […]

  • 3 ideas for Reels when you don’t want to create videos

    Last month an announcement by Instagram put everyone in a tizz! I’m sure you’ve heard it all by now – that Instagram is “no longer just a photo sharing app” and they plan to focus more on video content.  Now, if you’re an introvert (such as myself) then this news might not have been the […]