Discover your digital product idea and get it ready for launch day, FAST!

(Even if you have no idea where to begin, are plagued with self-doubt, and feel your idea has already been done!)

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You are tired of the hard hustle and would like to set up a passive income stream for your business so that you don’t need to take on even more client work.

  • You want to supplement or replace your current income but would like to do so on the side of your main gig without having to overwork yourself.

You have tried and failed to follow through with launching a digital product but have reached the point where you want to take action and make it happen.

What if...

setting up a passive income stream didn’t have to be so complicated? What if you didn’t have to spend months creating everything from scratch and could still confidently launch your new offer to an audience that admires your work?

Well, you absolutely CAN!



A highly actionable, step-by-step course that will take you through the process of turning your signature service into a digital product so you can ditch the hard hustle and start making money on autopilot!

Find out how to use everything in your business arsenal to create a stand out offer, FAST! Without allowing self-doubt and procrastination to get in the way.

Wondering what’s inside?

What my clients are saying...

Working with Nihaad on launching countless digital products has not only saved me time and sanity, but her work directly leads to more profit. I feel loved and supported when Nihaad helps me with my products, courses and launches and I trust that her work will help me actually sell more of my templates!
Vanessa Ryan

Let’s take a look at what you’ll be learning in each module:

Module 1:

Review your current offer

This is where we will analyse your current service by mapping out the entire process from start to end.

Module 2:

Rework your current offer

Here we’ll take a closer look at the offer you mapped out in module 1 and identify digital products that can be created from your process.

Module 3:

Realign to create new offer

Next up, we work on changing the message of your old offer to reflect that of your new offer.

Module 4:

Repurpose what you have

We’ll then collect everything that can be repurposed, and start changing it to speak directly to the people you want to serve with this new offer.

Module 5:

Repackage your new offer

And finally, we create your very own, custom launch day action plan aligned with your unique lifestyle and business in mind.

PLUS, you'll get over $400 worth of bonuses!


A bundle of 75+ Canva Promo Templates populated with easy guides to help you create graphics for your launch without the fuss.
($97 value)


The exact emails I sent to my list before and during a launch - plug in your own offer info to create email content FAST.
($67 value)


Access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get inspired and share your wins with the community!
($249 value)

Let's make your passive income dreams come true!

(And start making money while you binge on Netflix or catch a couple zzz’s)


This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

What my clients are saying...

You have a great knowledge of the online business world and are able to write copy + create beautiful designs that sell. Your assistance has allowed me to not feel so overwhelmed by all the launch tasks and has also helped to generate a profit in our business as your work brings out the best in our digital products.

Hey, Hey! I’m Nihaad – a graphic and Canva template designer from Cape Town, South Africa!

My journey into the exciting world of digital products began a few months before I had my first born back in 2018 and it has been one EPIC ride since!

Being a Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Home Maker etc is no picnic as I’m sure you know from your own experience. And often it may seem like the odds are stacked up against you.

Not only do I want to show you that you are more than capable of creating a completely new stream of passive income, but I’m going to guide you through the process of bringing it to life. 

I’m going to be here with you every step of the way so that you can finally tick this off your business bucket list and get your offer ready for launching!

The way I see it is you have two paths you could choose to follow:

PATH #1: You can try to come up with ideas for your next offer and spend months validating, creating, and launching it (if it ever comes to that because you are overwhelmed enough as it is!)

PATH #2: You can use my step-by-step process and get your offer launch ready in just a few weeks (it could be less if you take action sooner!)

Which path will you be choosing?

I know you will make the smart choice!