Since launching my website, I’ve slowly been updating my portfolio with all the projects I’ve been working on this year and truth be told, it’s been kind of great looking at it all from a distance.

2019 has been an epic year of growth for me.

So I wanted to unpack some of the things I’ve been doing that I believe played a massive role in the kind of projects I was able to be a part of. I’m hoping you’ll be able to make good use of these tools in your business too and start smashing those targets you’ve set for yourself.

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Vanessa Ryan Courses

At the start of 2018 I made a decision to make good investments in myself as well as my business for long term growth.

One kind of investment on the list of things I wanted to do was to take part in more courses and training so I can improve my skill set and keep up to date with current business trends.

Vanessa has been trying to get me to take my email marketing seriously for a very long time, but I’ve always been overwhelmed by the idea of sending out emails and never made time to focus on what needed to be done. 

Since Vanessa has a superpower when it comes to email and opt in marketing, and I trust her work, I went ahead and signed up for her What the Email Masterclass and Evergreen Webinar Toolkit that included:

• Audio Training

• PDF Guide

• Video Walkthrough

• Swipe files

• Step by Step Workflows

I also belong to Opt in to Profit, her membership filled with training and resources created to help with email and opt in marketing for long term business growth (and success!)

After following her advice in these training programs I’ve learned and implemented so many great strategies that has increased my revenue, allowing me to earn a more consistent passive income each month selling digital products.

I cannot stress enough how much value I got out of these trainings, and can highly recommend them for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by email/opt in marketing!

If you’d like to get a taste of all the amazing things you’ll learn from the Opt in to Profit Membership, then you may want to take her fun quiz to discover your perfect opt in.

Bluchic ChicServe WordPress Theme


For the past few months I’ve been feeling like my old Squarespace website was holding me back from business growth. I knew I wanted to move over to WordPress but just needed to find the space (and time) to do it.

At the beginning of October I decided to just go for it after falling in love with the new Bluchic ChicServe WordPress theme designed exclusively for female owned service-based businesses.

I’ve always been an admirer of Bluchic, and have used their products in the past while working on client projects but never directly for my own business. 

This was about to change!

I went ahead and purchased the ChicServe theme even before deciding on a host! When I started the process of revamping my site everything went so well thanks to their detailed tutorials and video guides. There were a couple times I contacted them for some help I needed regarding the theme and Andrew responded so quickly – their customer support was truly impeccable! 

Bluchic made the grueling task of switching to WordPress SO much easier thanks to it’s easy to use drag & drop free Elementor editor plugin. This means you get total control of the look and feel of your website, without needing to spend a ton of time on the technical bits.

I am absolutely head over heels in love with my new website and I still cannot believe how easy it was to get it all set up!

Learn more about this ultra modern theme, or view the demo to get a glimpse of what your business website could look like in just a couple hours:

Siteground Website Hosting

It’s been a while since I used WordPress so I haven’t been quite up to speed regarding hosting. I knew my previous service provider was out of the question, so I needed to do some research about what my options were.

After chatting with my business bestie and mentor, Vanessa Ryan, I decided to opt for Siteground since they offered everything I needed at a really affordable price.

I had a few technical issues once I had my site moved over from WordPress, the biggest headache by far being that my email got shut down and I had absolutely no idea it was happening! A quick online chat with an operator had the problem fixed in no time!

For me customer service is SUPER important. Nothing turns me away faster than bad customer care, so it was a huge relief for me to have had such an amazing experience with them and I feel at ease knowing they’ll take care of my concerns should I have any in the future.

If you’re on the hunt for a web host that offers affordable hosting with fantastic customer support, I cannot recommend Siteground enough! Take a look at their incredible packages by clicking the button below:

Bluchic Landing Pages

The next thing I knew I needed to set up for my website was a proper sales funnel. 

With my old site I had no sales funnel in place, which meant I lost out on quite a lot of revenue – eek!

So to say I was excited about getting started with setting something up was an understatement! And, I knew without question that I’d be using Bluchic’s landing pages to get started!

One of my biggest concerns (and what held me back for so long for moving over to WordPress) was time. Being a stay at home, work from home, pregnant Mum meant that I didn’t have a lot of time to tinker away on my website. Thanks to Bluchic and their Elementor themes I was able to have that same convenience of “drag and drop” that I loved about Squarespace, with the freedom of functionality that WordPress offered.

And setting up these landing pages was so quick and easy!

For just under $110 I could quickly setup my opt in pages, resource library, tripwire page, and even a sales page that already brought in a return on investment – what?

Yes. I was blown away too!

And again, everything was super simple to set up, thanks to their fantastic tutorials and helpful video walk-throughs.

Moving over to WordPress has been the best decision I have made so far in my business. And these Bluchic Landing Page templates definitely ties in with that! 

Finally an easier way to create professional looking landing pages for your sales funnel without having to spend big bucks on subscription tools.Thanks to Bluchic’s Landing Page Templates, growing a successful biz on autopilot has never been easier! View the demos of the different templates by clicking the button below:


Just before I was about to launch my website, I started having doubts about using Woocommerce for my online store. I was so confused (and stressed out to my limit) about it all so I once again knocked on Vanessa’s virtual door for advice on what the best option was for me.

I realised right away that Woocommerce was not going to serve me in my business for the long haul, and decided to opt for Sendowl since they offered amazing features within my price range.

To say that I am blown away by their service and functionality is an understatement! And even though I had to delay my launch for a few days, it was SO worth it!

Setting everything up could not have been easier, and now adding products to my store is a total breeze!

Did I mention you get a 30 day free trial? Grab yours by clicking the link below:


I have always been dragging my feet when it came to email marketing, and a big part of the reason for this was because I could never really get into the email marketing platforms I used in the past.

I made the move to Flodesk a few months ago (while still on Squarespace) after Vanessa Ryan telling me all about it. 

Game. Changer!

Not only is Flodesk super simple to use because of their “drag-and-drop” function, but it also allows me to create stunning, on-brand emails for half the price of other service providers.

And the best part is that I get all the features and functions for a set price – meaning I won’t have to pay more if my email list grows and am not limited by the number of emails I can send out. For a small business like mine this is a Godsend! 

Now that I’ve moved over to WordPress, I’m getting even more bang for my buck because it works with the platform seamlessly. 

So, if you’ve been wondering how I create my pretty emails, the answer is Flodesk. And now you can sign up for just $19/month (the normal price is $38) using my affiliate link below:

Styled Stock Society

Signing up for Styled Stock Society was one of the first investments I made in my business because it was really important for me to stand out so I can connect with the clients of my dreams. Besides the fact that it took my branding to the next level, it also showed potential/prospective clients that I was serious about my business.

Using free stock photos was really great starting out with, but once I made my mind up that I wanted to create a more polished brand with images that helped showcase my business vision, Styled Stock Society became the obvious choice.

And after creating a set of templates inspired by the Peach and Mint Collection, Elle asked me to be a part of her design team to create new Canva Templates for the membership every month! 

If you’d like to see some of the templates I designed exclusively for the Styled Stock Society Membership then you should browse my portfolio over here.

And, if you’d like to get your hands on these Canva Social Media Templates, plus over 2,500 gorgeous stock photos for less than $25/month (!!) head on over to Styled Stock Society and sign up for the membership!

Starting and growing a business takes grit, determination, and a whole lot of hard work.

Thankfully these tools has helped me build a brand and business that allows me to provide for my family while living life on my own terms, by allowing me to connect with the kind of clients I used to dream of working with.

With these resources you can rest assured that your business will be taken care of for the long haul, so you can focus on your zone of genius and do the work you actually want to do.

I’d love to know, what tools have you been using (and loving) to grow your business?