If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this post, then it’s this: you are MORE than capable of creating a passive income for yourself by selling digital products. 

I say this not because I want to give you false hope. I am telling you this because it is 100% true.

Just like any other person out there who has ever sold (or will ever sell) a digital product, you too can absolutely earn an income from this!

But how exactly will you know if you’re ready to focus your attention on setting up a passive income stream for yourself? (Hint: if you’re still reading this, chances are you’re already there!)

For the sake of covering all bases, let’s take a closer look at a few signs that may be pointing you in the direction of creating your very first (or next) digital product:

1. You find yourself wanting to help more people in your audience but are unable to do so through your 1:1 service. This is a major sign that you are ready to create a digital product for your business. A digital product allows you to expand your reach and impact without having to take on extra client work.

2. You have an idea that you KNOW has the potential to help lots of people overcome a major painpoint in their lives. If you know that this offer could benefit your audience in some way then it is your responsibility to bring it to fruition! Holding back will not only delay your own success but it could mean that you’re stifling the growth of the very people you want to serve in your business – not cool!

3. The idea of an extra income (without adding more work to your already full schedule) sounds really appealing to you. I don’t think anyone would turn their nose up to a couple more bucks being added to their bank accounts, especially if this can happen on autopilot. Now imagine this “couple more bucks” turning into a big chunk of your revenue each month… If this is something you want (nevermind if you believe that it’s possible or not – we’ll get to that in a later email) then you are more than ready for this!

4. The newsfeed on your social media platforms and the emails in your inbox are all talking about passive income. Do you believe in manifesting? If you want something enough, everything around you begins to nudge you towards it. You’ll begin to notice the signs and the need to follow through will drive you to take action. But you have to be open to accepting the guidance, and it is VITAL that you put in the effort to make it happen.

5. You want to supplement or replace your current income but would like to do so on the side of your main gig. Nothing beats passive income if you want to do this! And, due to the low touch nature of a digital product, it is the perfect way to create a financial cushion if you plan to make any sort of change that could potentially affect your current income situation.

If you’ve reached this point of the blog post, then it is pretty much a given that you are ready to set up a passive income stream for your business.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that you already knew this but just needed that one last sign to dampen any doubts you’ve been feeling. 

So what happens now?

How do you go about creating a digital product so you can start making money on autopilot?

For starters, let’s look at 5 unexpected ways you can create a digital product out of something you already have!

5 unexpected ways you can create a digital product:

💡 Create a mini training: do you have a skill you’re well trained in? Make a list of all your talents, skills and responsibilities in your current work situation and choose a topic you 1) enjoy, and 2) are really good at. If you can’t answer number 2 (I call bullsh*t btw, and the pun is very much intended 💩) then ask the people with whom you work in close contact what they have found you to be good at. You’ll be surprised at how people can pick up on your super powers without you realizing you even have that super power to begin with!

💡 Improve your existing offer: so you already have a digital product available for sale but now you’re feeling stuck on what to create next… (Been there sister!!) A really easy way to get a new digital product launched quickly is to simply improve your existing offer by adding more value. 

💡 Add bonuses to sell as a bundle: and while you’re improving your existing offer, you could even create an entire new suite of digital products by expanding on your original idea! Simply add them to your current offer and sell them as a bundle or toolkit for a higher price! This means that you don’t have to create everything from scratch and you’ll be saving so much time by creating something completely new out of something you already have!

💡 Collaborate with someone else: this is an amazing way to join forces with a fellow boss babe – combining two unique skill sets to create something new. Just make sure that the person you work with is aligned with you and your business, and that you set clear conditions when teaming up. Collaborating also means that you will be putting yourself in front of a new audience, giving you the opportunity to expand your reach!

💡 Turn your service into a digital product: now this is something ANYONE can do, whether you offer a service under your own business or if you’re employed by someone else. We are living through such difficult times where everything is so uncertain and unstable. Now more that ever people are realizing the appeal of the online space but find themselves completely overwhelmed with where to start. Start with what you already know!

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