I’ve been selling Canva templates and digital products since 2017, but I always felt really intimidated with pre-sales.

Partially because I’m a full time stay-at-home-mum of 3 little kids, and everything feels 100000x more overwhelming when you’re in the trenches of raising babies.

Another reason was that I was always booked to the max with client work and didn’t want to put even more pressure on myself.

But, here’s what I’ve discovered after being more intentional with pre-selling – – it’s the most low-pressure way to get your offers out there, so you can build up your shop inventory and make money from your ideas.

If you want to know why I’ll never launch a new offer any other way, ever again (ever!) then keep reading…

Why I love pre-selling digital products

Reason 1: It allows me to see what my audience actually wants

You’ve heard it before – VALIDATE your offer.

Validating your offer means to confirm that there is a real demand for your digital product idea before investing time and resources creating it.

Of course, there are many ways to do this – setting up a poll on social media or asking your email subscribers to reply, are just a few ways to go about it.

But, the best sign that your audience wants your offer is when they actually BUY it.

Pre-selling digital products was a great way for me to gauge my audience’s interest so that I’ll know whether or not it is worth the time I’d need to invest in creating it. 

This was a brilliant solution for me since it gave me a clear answer as to whether I should follow through creating the offer or not. If it didn’t sell, I’d rather focus my attention elsewhere in my business, or plan my next idea. No more spinning wheels in the sand!!

Reason 2: It allowed me to test pricing 

Changing directions in business means that there’s a need to test the pricing of my new offers so that it feels good for me as well as my audience. Running a pre-sale allows me to see what my audience is comfortable paying and then gives me the foresight to create offers that are suitable for that pricing.

This is a good way to tell what I should price the offer in the future when re-launching or if ‘m running a sale in the shop.

Reason 3: It gave me invaluable insights into my audience’s roadblocks

During a pre-sale period I send quite a lot of emails to my subscribers and I like to focus each email with a specific problem that I know my audience is struggling with. Doing this opens up communication so that I can have a deeper conversation with them to learn what they’re struggling with so I can create more focused content in the future.

It also gives me a good idea of whether this is an offer I should rework and relaunch.

Reason 4: It gives me a quick cash boost

Whether it’s a slower month for client projects, or I want to create more whitespace in my calendar and not have to worry about my income taking a dip while I’m away from work… A pre-sale is a great way for a quick cash injection to make the unexpected a little easier to navigate. 

The sound of payment pings are also a great motivator to keep the momentum and continue creating new offers.

Reason 5: It gave me the push I needed to actually create the offer

Besides the time and capacity limitations, sometimes I’m plagued with plain old mindset gremlins. This coupled with my tendency to overthink and overcomplicate things if I’m not being super intentional, makes it difficult to create new offers.

Running a pre-sale and having people buy is a great way to hold myself accountable and create the offers so I have digital products that I can continue making money from down the road. 

Reason 6: It motivated me to keep creating 

Making sales can be super addictive, and a great motivator to keep creating. This was especially helpful for me because I tend to drop the ball in my business if I’m overwhelmed or busy.

Running pre-sales that actually brought in sales gave me confidence to continue creating new offers. Digital products that I procrastinated on for months literally took me a week (tops) to create.

Not only did it push me to get it done, but I felt excited by the feedback I was getting from people who purchased which is another wonderful motivator.

Reason 7: It helps to build a sales funnel 

One of the best things you can do for your online business, especially if you’re limited with time as a new mom, is set up a sales funnel. 

There are countless ways to design a sales funnel, but the main requirement is an offer to sell.

Pre-selling digital products made it easier for me to create products for a sales funnel, and also allowed me to get it set up much faster.

Pre-selling your digital products has so many benefits for both you and your audience. However, I understand that it can feel complicated and intimidating, especially if you haven’t launched a digital product before.

This is exactly why I create the pre-selling checklist – – to keep you on track so you can stop overthinking and start taking small steps toward creating your digital product suite. 

Grab your copy right away…