The online business market is a competitive and saturated space filled with talented creatives. And, with new businesses popping up every single day, it can be tough for internet users to know who to trust.

By now I’m sure you know that branding your business is an all important step if you have any hopes of reaching your target market and attracting your DREAM CLIENT.

But, why exactly should you be making an investment to brand your business? What is the connection between branding and making money?

Today I want to break it down for you by sharing why you need to establish a cohesive brand for your business… 

Why you need to establish a cohesive brand for your business

1| It helps you build trust with your audience

As I mentioned before, the online business world is flooded with professional, skillful entrepreneurs who are all trying to make ends meet. And, in a marketplace this crowded it becomes difficult for internet users to know who they can trust and who’s just out to make a quick buck. 

Creating a consistent brand allows you to build trust with your audience which is the first (and most important step) towards working with you.

A strong, professional brand that effectively communicates who you are, what you do, and what people can expect from you, shows that you are an expert in your niche – someone who can be trusted to do business with.

2| A cohesive brand shows professionalism which sets you up as an expert in your niche

Think about it this way: If you had to choose between two designers – one with a beautiful brand that flows and all elements work together perfectly, and one with a brand that’s all over the place with no real order – who would you pick to work with?

In my mind, the designer who doesn’t have a consistent brand is not very organized. They don’t know what they’re offering and are not really confident in their products or services, making me doubt their capabilities as an expert in their field. This is not someone I’d choose to take care of my business needs.

I want to work with someone who trusts their own judgement. Someone who is organized and professional, who will do exactly as they’ve promised – in short, I’d opt for the designer with the well-put-together brand.

If your brand is all over the place, chances are people will get the same impression of your business – that you are disorganized, unsure of your skills, and will not do a good job of serving your clients. No one wants to work with someone who seems scattered and all over the place, it’s not a good sign of a professional.

3| It helps you attract your specific target audience

Your brand is your one chance to visually show potential clients what your business is about. If your brand does not reflect what you stand for in your business, you’ll end up attracting clients you don’t want to work with.

In the online business world, like attracts like. This means that internet users gravitate toward people who they can relate to and build a connection with through common interests. Your branding should be created with your target audience in mind so that you can show your dream clients that you understand them, and that you’re exactly who they want to work with.

For example: I am a stay at home, work from home mother and wife with two small kids and a baby on the way. At this stage in my life, I find myself more drawn to other stay at home moms who are running their own businesses because it’s more likely that I’ll relate to the challenges they face and the advice they offer. They make me feel like I am not alone. 

I am less inclined to engage with a business woman who is 100% career driven, who does not foresee having a family and instead aims to make as much money as possible. Put us in the same circle and we’ll both be uncomfortable with the interaction because chances are we’ll have very little in common. It would be super awkward with a lot of long pauses as we both try to figure out what to say next.

In the first scenario, however, I’d feel more at ease because I can relate to the person I’m interacting with. They’d understand my motivations, struggles and ambitions since they’re probably the same as theirs.

A good brand will help you to form connections such as this one, instead of attracting people you have nothing in common with and have no desire to work with.

4| It helps to keep you within the boundaries of your aesthetic

If you’re someone who struggles with design and find yourself changing styles as soon as you see something else you like, then having a consistent brand will help keep you within the boundaries of your aesthetic. This means that you will be more successful at maintaining a cohesive appearance for your business and not be tempted to make changes that can hurt your reach.

Your brand vision will stay true and you’ll continue to present yourself as the professional we spoke about earlier instead of the scattered hustler that no one wants to do business with.

This may seem limiting at first, but as your business grows, this will help you to focus on what matters the most, setting you on the path to reach the success you’re after.

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